Wombat has Integrated Ethereum

Ethereum wombat

It’s been two years since Wombat was introduced and the second year of Wombat was a very exciting time for it. In the second year, people noticed DeFi bloom in Telos and EOS and it was further simplified with pTokens and Defibox. Although there were several changes in the second year of Wombat, the goal was still similar, to cultivate the experience of users constantly for those who handle and discover crypto. 

The Working of Ethereum in Wombat

Wombat started with a browser extension and it is expected that it will follow in the apps soon. It offers the basic functionalities of Ethereum as with Telos and EOS. It means that the users can import and establish an Ethereum swap address and can also transmit and obtain ERC-20 tokens. The aim is to start with hundreds of several assets based on Ethereum that have gained a good amount of traction in the network. 

However, there were some changes. It was because of the nature of Ethereum that Wombat decided to take a distinct route and also provide people with access to their personal keys, rather than covering the resources.

The New Content People Can Expect to see

Apart from the variety of tokens discussed above, the users can access all high-quality Ethereum dApps with it. From games and DeFi cores to NFT explorers, the list has numerous legendary projects that include Aave, CryptoKitties, OpenSea, MakerDAO, and several others. 

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