Wrejects Game First NFT Drop Available on OpenSea

Wrejects Polygon

Boss Cannon announced today the first-ever NFT drop for their brand new game Wrejects, an NFT card battle game developed to be played on desktop & mobile web browsers. Described as a mix of Garbage Pail Kids and Street Fighter with a distinctive art style and challenging gameplay, Wrejects will hit the market in Q4 2022.

Wrejects Series 1 NFTS are available to be bought on wrejects.com and the OpenSea Marketplace with floor price at 0.02ETH for in-game assets and 0.13ETH for Wrejects champions.

Under development using the Polygon network, where the transactions fees are just a fraction of the cost compared to Ethereum, Wrejects makes trading between players easy, fast, and cheap. Additionally, Polygon-powered NFTs produce less than 1% of the carbon emission than the Ethereum ones. The Polygon integration was announced on March 23rd with a Press Release by Boss Cannon.

Why Should You Get a Wreject NFT?

Players can use Wreject fighters to battle against others. Adding these NFTs in the arena grants boosted abilities such as stamina etc.

The first NFT drop features Single-use cards such as ‘Blue Blorg Chewing Blorps .’When dropped in the fighting arena, this single-use card increases the stamina and dexterity of the fighters.

You can also pick up some unique fighters, such as Wrub, a monster known for its thirst for blood. 

Corp Bot is also an e-soldier known for packing punches in the fighting arena. Both these warriors can be picked up via these NFT cards.


CEO Wrejects’ Message on the First NFT Drop

Casey Copeland, CEO of Wrejects has shown great excitement over the first-ever NFT drop. Casey hopes the people to go crazy over these hand-made NFT cards and advises the players to get these cards as soon as possible before they run out.

What is Wrejects?

Wrejects is a Street Fighter-style Blockchain-based game where players can collect NFT cards and use them to fight with their opponents. They can play the game and earn $PAIN (Painium is the in-game token. Players can buy NFTs in the game via this token). 

You choose any kind of character you like from the game’s unique character roster. You choose a Wreject to fight and be the champion. Not only that, but you can also select tactical players such as Corp Bots to fight in the arena. 

Each character in the game has a unique fighting style, so if you want to win in this game, you have to make tactical decisions and develop a strategy that outsmarts your opponent. Upon winning a battle, you’ll be awarded with $PAIN.