The Galaxy of Lemuria Review – Play To Earn MMORPG

Hello Blockchain Gamers! Recently, The Galaxy of Lemuria (TGOL) team reached out to us and pitched their game. We know that the TGOL team boasts years of experience in game development, the project is exciting, and it was only natural to write a Galaxy of Lemuria Review. To begin with, you should check out the upcoming …

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All You Need To Know About The Galaxy Of Lemuria Founders Sale on October 16th

The Galaxy of Lemuria Founders Sale

It’s not the first time we write about The Galaxy of Lemuria, as we introduced it to you in 2020 when it joined the Enjin ecosystem. Since then, The Galaxy of Lemuria has switched to Polygon with a PC-only version, in contrast to console plans, and it’s set to launch four alpha versions within 2022. TGOL is …

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