TOP 10 Polygon Games To Play in 2022 NFT and P2E Gaming

Welcome to another TOP 10 list. Today we are reviewing the TOP 10 Polygon Games To Play in 2022.

As play-to-earn (P2E) games take over the gaming industry, we see a diverse collection of games on some of the best blockchains.

Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain have been popular among developers, but the trend is shifting as there are many blockchains that are more energy-efficient and offer low-cost transactions. One of those low-cost and energy-efficient networks is Polygon.

This article will explore the Top 10 Polygon games that are storming over the internet. Hope right in, and get ready to make money by playing games on Polygon.

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The Top 10 Polygon Games List.

Life Beyond

Visit The Life Beyond Website.

Life Beyond is a sci-fi-themed multiplayer adventure game built on the Ethereum Blockchain leveraging Polygon. The game has a third-person perspective where players play as Pioneers on a new planet called Dolos.

Life Beyond offers both Solo and Group matches. Players partner up to go on expeditions and clear hostile wildlife from the planets to make it livable for humans. The game is currently in Open Alpha – alpha participants can join today and win prizes in $DOL.

As you clear the wildlife and own regions, you have the option to get settled in lands. Players can build houses and or can make them economic powerhouses. Or, they can take up a big role such as Governance. Players will hold elections, impose taxes, define policies, organize markets, and maintain order in society.

Players can also craft NFTs and trade with other players for profits. 

Is Life Beyond free to play?

According to the team, Life Beyond will be free to play. Although there are elements that require blockchain technology, the players, however, don’t necessarily need to pay anything to play the game.

Phantom Galaxies

Visit The Phantom Galaxies Website.

Phantom Galaxies is a play-to-earn blockchain-based open-world space simulator RPG where players can buy the Origin Series NFTs and begin getting involved in rich, fast-paced Starfighter combat. As the players complete the game progress, they win and own mechs, unique avatars, and interstellar real estate. 

Animoca Brand, along with Blowfish Studios, is behind the development of this breathtaking game. $ASTRAFER is the utility and governance token of Phantom Galaxies. You can earn $ASTRAFER as you trade items, complete missions, and participate in various events.

Another unique way of earning is by owning planets as planets and asteroids emit $ASTRAFER. (29.1% of the total supply of ASTRAFER is allocated for Planet Emissions)

Players can also stake their governance tokens and receive rewards for them.

ASTRAFER Tokenomics

  • Total Supply – 888,077,888 
  • 2.4% – PvP / Rogue Planets
  • 7% – Marketing
  • 17% – Reserve
  • 13.5% – PvE
  • 10% – Liquidity Pools/Listings
  • 6% Ecosystem Funds

Is Phantom Galaxies free to play?

No, Phantom Galaxies cannot be played until you buy a mechanized Starfighter – each Starfighter is an NFT and unique in not only visuals by characteristics as well.


Visit The MetaSoccer website.

MetaSoccer is the first metaverse soccer management game where players can play with new players, find new players and train them, own their Metaverse stadiums as NFTs and play their soccer matches there. They also have the option to manage their club. Not only that, but they can also make an income while they play.

In MetaSoccer, players can earn $MSU by winning matches, selling players, lending players to other teams, winning leagues, betting, renting their stadium for matches, selling tickets, and much more. With MetaSoccer, there are endless opportunities for Soccer/Football fans around the world.

$MSU (MetaSoccer Universe) is an ERC-20 token that’s used primarily in the MetaSoccer universe for performing in-game transactions and minting assets. $MSU is accompanied by MetaSoccer Cash ($MSC) which exists to help stabilize the game’s economy. 

Is MetaSoccer free to play?

No, when you start the game, you need to have 11 players to participate in matches that you have to buy as NFTs.


Visit The Shatterpoint Website.

Shatterpoint is an upcoming skill-based action RPG game on the Polygon blockchain. The game features both single-player and multiplayer battles where the players defeat the enemies and earn loot. 

This game definetly belongs to our Top 10 Polygon Games List.

Shatterpoint takes place in the Shatterpoint Universe, where there are twisted monsters, and barbaric warriors have appeared from mysterious portals. You choose your Hero and start searching for Runes and gears as you play and level up your character. 

Players can collect and win these resources both in PvE and PvP game modes. Playing these two modes prepares you for the ultimate skilled combat – the Arena Battle Mode. The game will feature seasons; as each season ends, your NFTs stats will reset. Although, Runes, Tokens, and gear will stay.

The Alpha version of the game is set to release in Q3 2022. We will have to wait until Q2 of next year for the Open Beta. The full game is set to be launched at the end of 2023.

Is Shatterpoint free to play?

Shatterpoint is free to play, as everyone can craft their NFTs for free.

Voxie Tactics

Visit The Voxie Tactics Website.

Voxie Tactics is a fast-paced free-to-play tactics RPG game where you play as Voxies, defeat enemies, and complete quests to win in-game assets and earn crypto.

Voxies are 3D animated unique NFT avatars that feature 20 unique attributes in addition to Classes and Races. Each Voxie is a unique non-fungible token (NFT) in Voxie Tactics that you can buy, sell, and trade. 

Each team comprises three Voxies that go to battle and take on the enemies. $VOXEL is the in-game token for Voxie Tactics. As you completely own the in-game assets, you can earn VOXEL, Weapons, and NFTs and sell them on the marketplace for profit.

Is Voxie Tactics free to play?

Yes, you can choose free Voxies and start playing and earning in the game.

GAIA Everworld

Visit the GAIA Everworld Website.

Gaia Everworld is an immersing, multi-region fantasy world in which players truly own their assets as they explore the lands, build their kingdoms, collect, breed, and battle their Gaia Legionnaires.

The game features PvP battles where you earn $GG as you create your team and go to war. Another way to fight is by joining a clan to fight for power – Legion Mode. With Gaia Land, players can own land on the safe zone – like other in-game items, are NFTs that can be sold, bought, and traded on the marketplace.

The MMORPG trailer and Alpha release are set to take place in Q4 2022. PvE full-game release will happen in Q3 2022. 

The game’s mission is to support low-end PCs and Android devices.

Is Gaia World free to play?

Yes, they’ve mentioned in their mission to keep it free-to-play to attract a wider audience. 

Planet IX

Visit The Planet X Website.

Planet IX is a blockchain-based play-to-earn NFT game where players collect as much as pieces of land in order to build that planet a better place. 

There are 1.66 billion pieces of land – each one of them is an individual NFT called PIX. The players have to collect as many of them as possible next to each other.

Once they’ve established their territories by collecting PIX, they can earn rewards in the IX utility token. PIXs can also be acquired via random pack drops. The most valuable PIXs (Legendary) is found only in capital cities.

Players will make money by playing mini-games that will be released with every new chapter in the game’s metaverse. Other than that, there are 1155 landmarks NFTs along with Territories can are waiting to be found. 

Is Planet IX free to play?

Planet IX is a free-to-play crypto game where your goal is to rebuild the blue and green glory of mother earth. 


Visit The WildCard Website.

Wildcard is an upcoming Web3 video game IP that’ll feature a new genre – Collectible Action Battle Arena. With this brand-new genre and collectible cards with real-time strategy gameplay, they have plans to create something that’s never been seen before. 

There will be live spectators surrounding the arenas where a competition of champions takes place. What makes Wildcard unique is the live fans and how they interact with the game as they watch their favorite players fight. Additionally, Wildcard is one of the fewer Web3 games that’s going to have AAA graphics.

Even though the game’s final version hasn’t been released, you can still play the game as Playtest. (do keep in mind that the playtest is private & invite-only as of yet)

Currently, the play-to-earn features aren’t enabled in the game. The tokenomics and reward system will be shared with the community at a later stage. 


Visit The Metalcore Website.

Built with Unreal Engine 4, MetalCore is an upcoming open-world shooter where players combat in a vast universe. The game is inspired by the likes of Battlefield and PlanetSide2. The players can engage in PvP (50v50) mega-fights or small-scale co-op PvE combats.

Even though the game is free-to-play, every in-game item, such as vehicles, aircraft, and terrains, is an NFT and has real-world value. These items can be bought, sold, and traded on the marketplace for profit.

Additionally, players complete missions and earn prizes such as land and crypto. With these assets, we can build massive battle vehicles, produce tax income, and lead guilds (if you become Baron) as you lead players under your command to warfare.

MetalCore announces the Open World Alpha Phase I launch on October 13th, 2022. They also have a content creator program to help creators grow and elevate their content quality.

Is MetalCore free to play?

Yes, MetaCore is a free-to-play futuristic first/third-person open-world multiplayer shooter.


Visit The Rebel Bots Website.

Rebel Bots – Xoil Wars is a card battle game that’s set in outer space, offering both single-player and multiplayer modes. Players will unite and build extra-terrestrial kingdoms and build armies that fight bots. They will also fight with other players and win scarce Xoil resources.

The game takes place in 2052 (three years after the “Big Dismantle” event) when humans destroyed robots, fearing they would take over the world and kill us. Of all those robots that were scraped to pieces, 10,000 of them managed to escape and survived. 

As their plan to rebuild their society on earth didn’t work, they decided to flee earth and finally landed on a planet called Xoiluim. According to the RebelBots team, it only takes ten minutes to learn the game and start building an army of robots in your home base. 

You earn rewards in crypto as you defeat opponents in card battles, fight vicious aliens, and complete daily challenges. In PvP mode, you fight against other players and collect game resources as you win the games. You can also climb up the leaderboard to win seasonal prizes.

Kingdom Lords are the most valuable NFTs in RebelBots. They are gen-1 Rebel Bots – precious land resources are allocated to each Kingdom Lord based on their ranking. Then there are Kingdom Lands that are essential to play the game. You can either buy it from other players or the marketplace. 

You can buy Fighting Bots (also NFTs) and build a team to fight and progress in the game. All in-game rewards will be given in RBLS tokens. (There will be a maximum of 300M RBLS ever issued)

Is Rebel Bots Xoil Wars free to play?

No, you’ll have to buy at least 3 Fighting Bots along with one Land NFT to start playing the game. 

Final Words

We went on the internet to dig the Top 10 Polygon games for you. As more developers focus on making engaging, effective, and fun games using blockchain technology, we’ll likely see more of these types of games and a diverse collection of games for all types of players. 

And if you’re a seasoned gamer who’s looking for a way to make extra money, these Polygon games could be just what you need.