The popular upcoming Multiverse game Age of Rust is hosting a gleam competition to celebrate this year’s GDC Event.

From March 20 to 22, GDC visitors will be able to try out AOR and Enjin’s blockchain game development platform at booth S563.

How to Win

You need to complete 6 or more actions in the gleam page to receive a black market smoke grenade but it won’t be usable until the game is released.

As in every ERC-1155 item, you will need to have your Enjin Collectible wallet ready.

Ready Player Motorsports

Click Here to visit the Gleam page an participate in the Giveaway.

What is Age of Rust?

Age of Rust takes place in the year 4424, where the collapse of society has led to the end of all technological advancements. Without the ability to maintain any infrastructure, advanced AI robots are driving humanity to extinction.

In 650,000m2 terrain, players will be able to explore lost worlds, mysterious caves and abandoned space stations while fighting others, hostile environments and rogue machines in real time.

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