ArcheWorld NFT MMORPG Game to Launch This Summer

ArcheWorld MMORPG NFT Game

ArcheWorld, a blockchain-based MMORPG game, will launch in July 2022 as stated by XL Games..

XL Games claimed that ArcheWorld will be the first open-world MMORPG title that will utilize NFTs in the game. 

XL Games has achieved huge success in the past as their AAA title ArcheAge surpasses over 100 Million downloads. Now, their aim is to go even bigger with the release of ArcheWorld – the next iteration of this series.

ArcheWorld NFT MMORPG Game to Launch This Summer 29

The XL Games lovers are looking forward to this release because the company has announced that CEO Song Jae-Kyung is also working on this project. Jae-Kyung has also worked with Land of The Wind and Lineage.


ArcheWorld is an NFT-based game where players can trade in-game assets as NFTs. They can also upgrade their playable characters by collecting rare minerals in the game. 

ArcheWorld uses Blue Salt ($BSLT) as the in-game currency. $BSLT is set to run under Kakao Game’s BORA Blockchain. You can also trade $BSLT with Archeum and vice versa. 

Archeum is a mineral that is used to grow the characters’ abilities. It is also used for crafting. (You also have the option to trade Archeum with $BSLT). Another way to gain Archeum is by completing different game activities. 

Furthermore, you can trade your $BSLT with $BORA. You can cash out BORA via the BORA Blockchain, which makes it a play-to-earn title.

The game will also support in-game assets as NFTs such as Vehicles, Houses, Land, and other equipment. The game token $BSLT will be used to buy and trade all these assets. 

NFTs and Their Benefits

You can mint two types of cards: Fandom Card and Land. Let’s see what benefits they come with.

Fandom Card

If you own Fandom Card, you’ll be given a chance to be in the Land NFT whitelist. There will be a total of 2600 Fandom cards for each race of ArcheWorld. These cards will include both male and female characters. 

Additionally, there will be 25 rare cards consisting of Dairy Cow, Yata, and Greenman. Out of all the cards mentioned, you will be able to mint 2425 of them. The remaining 200 cards will be exclusive for marketing and partnership purposes. 

Holding three Fandom Cards will make you eligible for airdrops for Land NFTs. Meanwhile, holding a rare card will come with whole new benefits; Priority right to Buy 44x44m Land. When the game is finally out, you’ll also receive $BSLT airdrops. 


XL Games has also shared the roadmap for ArcheWorld for more transparency. The roadmap is divided into three phases. Let’s see what plans they have. 

Phase 1

  • Release the First Batch of Press Release
  • Minting for Fandom Card NFT 
  • Pre-Sale for Land NFT
  • Pre-Registration Event
  • Whitepaper

Phase 2

  • Grand Launch
  • multi-language game client
  • Land exclusives for marine houses
  • In-Game Exchange
  • DEX ($BSLT & $BORA)
  • Unlock New Skill Sets
  • Naval Raids & Ships
  • Minting of Vehicles NFT 

Phase 3

  • Rent Control for Land NFT
  • Gear and Character NFTs
  • Unlock the Warborn Dwarf Class
  • Unlock “Seige” Content
  • $BSLT Staking
  • NFT Marketplace Launch