War of Crypto postponed Pre-Sale Date

War of Crypto postponed Pre-Sale

It has been a tough period for the Enjin team, who delivered the ERC 1155 Standard some days ago. With a telegram post in the official group, the War of Crypto postponed Pre-Sale. Devs announced a delay to the smart contract’s deployment to the main net. If smart contracts are not available, you won’t have true ownership …

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Blockchain Gaming Industry & 5 Crypto Games to Watch

Blockchain Gaming Industry & 5 Crypto Games

The blockchain (or crypto) game industry is immature, and some standards need to change. In this article, we will take a look at the current status of the Blockchain Gaming Industry & 5 Crypto Games to watch. At the moment, the most popular games are gambling or collectible ones running on the Ethereum network. Ethereum is bad …

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Enjin Presents The ERC-1155 Ethereum Based Token

Enjin Presents The ERC-1155

Enjin Presents The ERC-1155 Token for gamers. The new standard known as ERC 1155 is publicly available through the Ethereum Blockchain by Witem Radomski, co-founder, and CTO of ENJ. ERC-1155 token stores all the little necessary information in just one contract instead of creating a new contract for every in-game item. The new token standard …

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GoCryptoBot Crypto Runner Game Review


GoCryptoBot is a new free to play 2D mobile Crypto Game with cool graphics and much running by Kodebox. The game uses GCC Token based on the Ethereum network. 1 GCC costs 1$. GoCryptoBot, as stated by their developers, differs from the competition. Most blockchain games today are collectible, or gambling ones with pyramid schemes were the last players lose it …

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Wordopoly Review Real Estate AR Mobile Game

Wordopoly Review

Welcome to our Wordopoly Review! I remember when people went crazy about PokemonGO. Kids in my neighborhood were hunting Bulbasaur using a brilliant Augmented Reality mobile game. This idea is just dope. Join Their telegram group and receive 10 WPT Tokens. Limited Time Airdrop Now, Wordopoly is taking things to the next level. Build your empire, buy …

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Nimses – Basic Income & Social Media

Nimses - Basic Income & Social Media

My first impression about Nimses was excitement, 1 million downloads) and 1 Coin per minute for the rest of your life. Nimses is a GPS Based Ukrainian cryptocurrency project for worldwide basic income with modern design. You only have to register using your mobile phone number, and after that, you are exploring a regular social media application based on …

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ExoPlanets Crypto Mining Game Based on NASA Data

ExoPlanets Crypto Mining Game

ExoPlanets Crypto Mining Game will contain 3700 ExoPlanets that players can own and play with, making them a very rare asset due to their low quantity. But, before getting into more details, let me tell you what ExoPlanets are. Nasa has confirmed over 3,735 Exoplanets – planets outside our Solar System, small planets are the …

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SwiftDemand – Basic Daily Income in Crypto

For the first time in history, blockchain provides you with a basic daily income in crypto for life. Basic Income in Cryptocurrency is a solution against poverty by transforming our economy into a more democratic way through decentralization. Governments are collecting insane taxes (see Greece). Every single one has failed to provide a basic income for its residents, which is proven unreliable over the years …

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