Axie Infinity Open Beta & Tournament Announcment

Axie Infinity Battle Preview From Open Beta
Axie Infinity Battle Preview From Open Beta

Although Axie Infinity runs on the Ethereum Network, the beta is playable on the Rinkeby Test Network, you will have to download MetaMask or a web-browser like Brave.

In order to play you will need some test ETH, you can obtain them free of charge from this faucet.

After you have received your Test Eth, a procedure that is completed almost instantly, head over to the Axie infinity website, login using metamask and enjoy the game.

Axie Infinity Beta

Added Features

Besides the new UI improvements, each Axie will be limited to 12 battles per hour.

There is a 3Days Testing period for the new features, after that, they will reset the leaderboard and the qualifications for the first Axie Infinity Tournament will begin.

The top 16 players on the leaderboard will qualify for the first Tournament of Champions and be rewarded 5 MEO tokens.

The rewards for the tournament will be:

1st place: Trophy Terrarium Item and .5 ETH

2nd place: .3 ETH

3rd place: .2 ETH

A great walk-through for the open beta is available, make sure you watch the video and ask your questions in Axie’s Discord.

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