Axie Infinity Origin Runes and Charms Guide

Axie Infinity Origin Runes and Charms Guide

Since the Axie Infinity: Origin V3.0 update, there’s been a lot of talk about the game’s new features and improvements. In this Axie Infinity Origin Runes and Charms Guide, you will find out what Runes and Charms are used for, as well as how to use them.

Axie Infinity Origin Runes and Charms Guide

We have been playing Axie Infinity since it’s early days and spent countless hours gaming and exploring the market. In addition, we have a scholarship program in Axie Infinity which empowers our community and guild members in multiple ways. Today, we are in the happy position to explore and present you our Axie Infinity Origin Runes and Charms Guide

Axie Infinity Origin Runes 

Axie Infinity Origin Runes 

Runes are in-game items that you can use with your Axies to enhance their powers and abilities or give them new ones. Runes are automatically activated during battle when needed. They can be acquired via crafting, and you can only use 1 Rune per Axie. 

To install a Rune to an Axie, you need to make sure that the Rune belongs to the same class of the Axie because Runes and Axies must belong to the same class; a Plant Rune can only be installed to a Plant Axie. 

Some unique Runes can’t be crafted; you can only win them in game modes and special events. 

Axie Infinity Origin Charms

Axie Infinity Origin Charm

Charms are special in-game items that give your Axie cards unique abilities or improve them. One of the best uses of Charms is that it can reduce the energy cost of an Axie Card. Besides that, Charms can improve the basic stats such as HP or DMG. Only one Charm can be stored on each Axie Card. 

There are two types of Charms; Class Charms and Neutral Charms.

  • Class Charms: You can only install a Class Charm to an ability if both these belong to the same class
  • Neutral Charms: Unlike Class Charms, you can install a Neutral Charm to any ability

.Note: Axie’s Potential Points are decreased for each Charm equipped.

There are some special Charms that you cannot craft in the game. The only way to get them is to participate in special events or in game modes. 

  • Classes: Dusk, Dawn, Plant, Reptile, Mech, Bird, Aqua, Beast, Bug, and Neutral.
  • Rarities: Common, Rare, Epic, and Mystic. 

How to Use Potential Points in Axie Infinity: Origin?

Potential Points are the scores an Axie receives automatically for having certain body parts. You can use the points to install Charms to Axies. 

To further understand Potential Points and how they work, let’s look at some of the points we’ve extracted from Axie Infinity Official Support:

  • The Potential Points of an Axie are obtained from their body parts. Potential Points are divided into classes depending on the body part they belong to. Reptile body parts, for example, provide reptile potential points.
  • Potential Points of a matching class are required for a Charm.
  • When charms are applied, they lower an Axie’s Potential Points. The used points will be freed up when they are withdrawn.
  • Neutral Charms diminish the Potential Points of the card’s Class when they are installed because they can be installed on any ability. Axie’s Plant potential points are reduced when a neutral charm is placed on a plant card.
  • The Potential Point cost of a Charm may be found in the upper left corner of the Charm.

What is Pureness Bonus in Axie Infinity: Origin?

You can increase Potential Points With the Pureness Bonus. You’ll get more Potential Points for a class if you have more than one body part in the same class. (3 body parts of Dusk mean you get more Potential Points for Dusk)

What is Pureness Bonus in Axie Infinity: Origin?
Axie Infinity Origin Runes and Charms Guide
What is Pureness Bonus in Axie Infinity: Origin?

To further understand how the Pureness Bonus and Potential Points are calculated, let’s look at this formula:

  • 1×1 (Bird part) + 0 (Pureness bonuses) = 1 Bird Potential Points
  • 1×6 (Reptile part) + 6 (Pureness bonuses) = 12 Reptile Potential Points

As we said the more matching body parts you have, the more Pureness Bonus you’ll get, hence, more Potential Points. 

No. of Body Parts of the Same Class1234567
Pureness Bonus0012468
Pureness Explanation Table for Axie Infinity: Origin.

Are Runes and Charms in Axie Infinity Tradable?

Yes. You can trade NFT Runes and Charms, but you can not trade the non-NFT ones. However, Runes and Charms cannot be sold or traded at the moment since this feature is yet to be released.

When New Runes and Charms Are Getting Released in Axie Infinity?

According to Sky Mavis, players can expect new Seasonal Runes and Charms with every season, while some of the older Seasonal Charms will be removed. 

When it comes to Non-Seasonal Runes and Charms, they will never be removed. In some rare cases, non-seasonal Runes will be added with season updates. 

Thank you for reading our Axie Infinity Origin Runes and Charms Guide. Happy battles!

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