Blockchain Gaming Digest Jan 18-24/2020

Blockchain Gaming Digest

Welcome to our Blockchain Gaming Digest Jan. 18-24/2020. Find out what happened this week in Blockchain Gaming.

36 Blockchain Games to Play in 2021 – Play to Earn NFT & Crypto Rewards

Blockchain gaming and NFT’s are on the rise. More gamers discover the Play to Earn concept, NFT markets gain huge volumes, and various games enable DeFi yield rewards to boost your profits. 2021 seems to be an excellent year for blockchain gaming. We compiled a list with some of the best blockchain games that provide a working product, and you can play to claim rewards right away.

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Mass Adoption: Enjin Gets Approved in Japan

Enjin gets approved in Japan by the Virtual Currency Exchange Association and becomes the first gaming authorized token. The Japanese exchange Coincheck will list ENJ on January 26.

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Enjin Launches Japan’s First Charity NFT Project

Gracone Inc., led by the prominent Japanese blockchain entrepreneur Miss Bitcoin, announced Japan’s first charity NFT project in association with Enjin. The project will use the Enjin blockchain to mint NFT’s created by popular Japanese celebrities and sell them through the Cryptocurrency donation platform Kizuna.

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Terra Virtua Join Forces With Arkane Network

Entertainment-focused collectibles platform Terra Virtua joins forces with Arkane Network and integrates the Arkane Wallet. Arkane network provides easy to integrate methods that are perfect for non-blockchainers to sign-up and use decentralized applications

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Reality Gaming Group Launched Liquidity Boost & Rewards Program For RCC Tokens

Reality Gaming Group has unveiled an innovative Liquidity Boost & Rewards Program that enables holders of its RCC token, including both its ICO supporters and the Reality Clash mobile game community, to benefit from three amazing rewards.

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The Sandbox Pre-season 0 is Coming

The Sandbox PreSeason 0 is coming soon with massive play to earn rewards and a taste of the upcoming gameplay. PreSeason 0 will be live in Q1 2021, while the exact date is not announced yet. The game released a sneak peek of the upcoming gameplay.

Dark Country Heroes Staking

Dark County announced this week Heroes Staking and Cards Reforge.

For the first eight weeks, starting January 18, players can stake heroes for a fixed pool of 3k WAX.

Also, the Reforge process will require four same cards to produce a greater one.

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Rick & Morty Creations Sold For More Than 1 Million USD

Justin Roiland, Rick and Morty creator, sold collectible assets on Nifty for more than $1 million. “The best I could do” collection was a success, and proceeds from the sale would be donated to homeless encampments in LA.

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Axie Infinity Ronin Sidechain is Coming

The Ronin Sidechain is around the corner, and Axie Infinity asks for the community to prepare.

Players should withdraw ETH out of the Loom network and back to Ethereum.

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Battle Racers

Battle Racers introduces $SCRAP, an ERC20 token on the Matic Network sidechain. Players can use it to upgrade Parts, join Competitive Races and Tournaments.

An airdrop will happen for all Battle Racers NFT holders.

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