The Brave Frontier Heroes land sale begins in 2 days

Brave Frontier Heroes Land Sale

It’s time for the most significant update in Brave Frontier Heroes as we approach the public Land sale. A gameplay element that we have seen before in MyCryptoHeroes, the base of BFH.

According to data from DappRaddar, Brave Frontier Heroes is the second most popular game on the Ethereum network right after MCH with one thousand active daily players and 2.7k in transactions.

Upon Land release, players will be able to choose and fight for their Country, which unlocks special quests, events, and other interesting features.

Gameplay of Brave Frontier Heroes
The Brave Frontier Heroes land sale begins in 2 days 30

Like MCH, the land consists of freely tradeable and tokenized ERC-721 territories that come in Legendary, Epic, and uncommon forms. Each territory has a max issuance supply.

The Brave Frontier Heroes lands are the following:

Agni EmpireFire
Sama KingdomWater
Principality of VurikshaEarth
Atharva RepublicThunder
LA VEDA RepublicLight
Bariura EmpireDark
Land map in brave frontier heroes
The Brave Frontier Heroes land sale begins in 2 days 31

The sale will take place on March 30 at 1 pm UTC and end on May 28 at 5 am. During that period, players will have the opportunity to grab some territories and dive deeper into the vast world of Brave Frontier.

The details of the BFH Land Sale are the following:

Territory TypeMax Issued Per LandVolumeLimit at 1st SalePrice
Legendary Territory (Max 60 per land)60453030,000 ZEL
Epic Territory3001215010,000 ZEL
Uncommon Territory150037503,000 ZEL
Territories will be sold with fixed price

Participants should keep in mind that there will be a 1-minute cooldown between territory purchases, every unsold territory will be moved to the second sale or they will be used for development, operation, and marketing as stated by Double Jump Tokyo. Minting a territory will cost 100 ZEL and this option will become available after the first sale. Everyone can buy from any land.

The BFH Land sale comes with two events. In the first one, 30% of the revenue from the second sale will be distributed in ZEL to the land owners! The second sale is scheduled for this summer. In the second event, there will be a 50% ETH back to a random user. (one out of twenty five)

About Brave Frontier

Brave Frontier counts over 38 Million downloads with players from 64 countries and have received positive reviews from various media website through the years. With the philosophy “Game is Love”, Brave Frontier became a very popular Mobile RPG game and now BFH continues the legend on the blockchain.

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