Bye Bye Kickstarter, Hash Rush Goes Indiegogo

Bye Bye Kickstarter Hash Rush Goes Indiegogo Bountyblok has replaced its centralized randomizer service, and integrated Chainlink VRF and Price Feeds on the Polygon Mainnet for their distribution tools and giveaways. 

The upcoming RTS Blockchain game Hash Rush has been surprisingly suspended from Kickstarter for unclear reasons.

Kickstarter put an end to the crowdfunding of Hash Rush because the game violated one of the following reasons:

  • A project description that does not clearly state what will develop and shared Raising funds for personal expenses, business expenses, or equipment without creative intent Fundraising for charity or a charitable purpose.
  • Does not fit into one of Kickstarter’s categories, or includes a prohibited item

Darkfall, the admin of Hash Rush, reported to

I’ve looked over our campaign, as have many other people and we cannot find any idea of what we’ve done wrong.

Hash Rush is an RTS (Real-Time Strategy) game in which players can build a colony and expand their influence across the Hermeian Universe

What’s next?

Backers don’t have to worry as the team plans to move the crowdfunding to Indiegogo, the most significant alternative option with millions of active users, ready to welcome the first Blockchain game in their platform. The migration will take around 48 hours.

Unique Benefits & Items

Bye Bye Kickstarter, Hash Rush Goes Indiegogo

Backers will enjoy a series of in-game benefits and Rush Coins by pledging any amount they desire. Funding starts from 1$ and goes up to 10,000$.
Among the in-game items, players will acquire exclusive skins, things that will boost gathering speed, Rush coins, icons, and supporter badges.
Pledging around 50$ (the amount of paying for an A+ Title) will grant you the Bronze Defender status which contains improved attack, building, gathering & movement speeds, 40 Rush coins, voting ability alongside with three custom patron unit skins, badges and more.

Players who have not the economic advantages of getting the Bronze Defender package can still enjoy a series of benefits by pledging smaller amounts like 26$, 33$, 39$, which all contain unique items and exclusive bonuses.

It is clear that the most the team manages to earn, more features will be added to the game in a shorter time frame with guild functionality and Android/iOS applications to be the most ‘wanted’ features from both developers and players right now.

Rush Token Sale is still ongoing

If you are not looking to pledge via Indiegogo, you can purchase Rush Tokens through Hash Rush’s official website while the token sale is still active. Players do realize the potential of Hash Rush, and if you are from those guys who work all day long, without any free time at all, you can still benefit by getting some Rush tokens and hodl for as long as you want.

The price of a Rush Token is 0.001ETH, which is around 0.22$ at the time of writing this article, worth mentioning that last year Hash Rush completed its ICO and raised over $1.83 million!

About Hash Rush

hash rush Bountyblok has replaced its centralized randomizer service, and integrated Chainlink VRF and Price Feeds on the Polygon Mainnet for their distribution tools and giveaways. 

Hash Rush is a play-to-earn game where players can compete with each other for real rewards. A fantasy single-player game about building a colony, fighting enemies and trading through the blockchain technology is the key to succeed in this game. Hash Rush also offers rewards in Ethereum by mining Crypto Crystals, getting bonuses, and a ton of other prizes.

The beta version planned for December 2018 and Early Access launch in March of 2019.