Chain Clash Review – Should you play?

Chain Clash Review

Chain Clash is the newest fighting blockchain game on EOS all about clashing and training avatars. Free-to-play with promising prospects, climb the leaderboard using dNFT fighters and stand-out among your clan. After all, its the battle of the clans. So is Chain Clash worth playing? Let’s find out in our Chain Clash Review.

Start for free with one avatar and unlock various rewards that will help you progress faster by completing multiple challenges and daily quests.

At this point, i would like to state that the Chain Clash team was kind enough to provide us with various bundles for this review. While this can be considered a “paid” review, my opinion will remain unbiased and I’ll provide all the facts, good and bad, i also created a new account with no bundles in it.

Chain Clash is a prominent fighting game but you can’t really control your avatar during the fight because of the asynchronous battles. To fill this gap, the developers will release “Chain Clash Arcade” within 2020, the second game in the Chain Clash Universe. The asynchronous battles allow you to play during a quick break from work or study and give you the feeling of idle/clicker. Also, Chain Clash avatars are going to be interoperable, meaning that you will be able to use them in other games. More on this here.

How to play Chain Clash

To play Chain Clash, you need an EOS wallet, preferably using your mobile phone. As a ‘mobile-first’ game, the dimensions are for smartphones. So, even if you play from your desktop, you will be served with portrait mode.

The easiest way to play Chain Clash is by using Wombat wallet for Android & iOS. Wombat creates a free* EOS account for you, and you can start playing right away. Other workarounds are Wombat extension for chrome, or Scatter for PC, keeping in mind that Scatter requires paying for account creation, so unless you have it already set up, i suggest going with Wombat.

After you install Wombat, sign-up with google account, FB, or Twitter. Note that it will require access to your google drive, this way it can recover the private key if you uninstall it. There is always the option to pay 2$ with a credit card or PayPal to get your private key. I strongly suggest paying that fee if you plan on using this wallet, and write down your private key. In case you don’t know, EOS accounts arent free.

Welcome Screen

Once you setup your EOS wallet and access Chain Clash, you will see a notice to claim your first free avatar. By clicking it, you will be transferred to the store where you can choose your fighter between the six available clans. 

I chose to fight for the Ethereum clan, and just like that, the Avatar-1440 was born. Before you decide which side to fight for, you might want to check the clan ranks. After five days of playing, i found out that rankings change frequently, and the last clan might reach the first place easily. Additionally, each avatar stats behave differently based on the clan it belongs to. For example, the Bitcoin network is stable but not frequently updated. As a result, Bitcoin avatars will gain more strength when leveling up, but less agility.

Once you get your first avatar, head over to the Challenges screen, and claim your first training ticket. Train your fighter and to unlock another one!

Understand your avatar

First things first, avatars (fighters) are dNFTs on the EOS Blockchain, meaning that they are stored in your wallet. You can also trade them with other players in any Marketplace that supports EOS tokens. The more you train an avatar, the higher its value becomes.

Avatars are the pillars of the game, they all come with the same attributes and evolve differently based on the clan. Besides the five different rarity tiers, and each one has its own appearance and different level cap. 

The rarities are the following:

RarityMaximum Level
Mythic 140

Now it’s time to find out the avatar’s attributes. Take a good look at the table below and find out what attributes do. Make sure you spend your Shards (attributes boost) wisely. A good way could be on what your avatar lacks from the clan’s performance.

StrengthThe amount of damage you cause to the opponent.
ResilienceLowers the damage taken from the opponent.
AgilityHow fast your avatar moves.
WisdomHow well your avatar can predict opponent’s next move.

Now that you have a basic understanding of the various elements, let’s continue with our Chain Clash Review.


My newly created Avatar-1440 is ready for the first fight. The attributes are all the same (10), and they can be upgraded through training. Matchmaking takes place with players of the same power, so you don’t have to worry that someone with a better avatar will crush you.

Once you click the “Clash” button, you will have to choose the arena to fight in. New players can only join the “Beginners Arena,” as you level up, other fields will get unlocked.

The next thing to do is define your strategy. The strategy consists of six moves and offers an element of luck. If you find your self loosing against a single opponent, this might indicate that you need to change your strategy.
The available offensive moves are Hook, Kick, and Jab. The defensives are Low block and High block.

Avatar-1466 won the battle against me, which indicates that I need to change my strategy and train. After fighting a few battles, you will unlock numerous challenges that will reward you with more training tickets and, at a later date, with health kits and other usable in-game items.

It is essential to keep an eye out to your health and avoid reaching zero; otherwise, your avatar will die. Reviving takes 24 hours and you can skip the timer by using a revival orb, which costs 0.4 EOS. Health consumption is defined by the fight results, If you lose, the health consumption varies from 100 to 200 and maybe more, always depending on your level and the opponent. If you win, you will lose around 50-100 health. Health regeneration is 50HP per hour, so your avatar will be able to regenerate 1200 HP per day. That’s approximately 8 battles a day.

After losing five games in a row, it was time for my avatar to shine and celebrate a three wins strike. With my regular account, i had much better luck and also managed to achieve 3rd place in the leaderboard without any special efforts. Just train, train, and train.

Training your Avatar

Training your avatar is essential to become powerful and defeat your opponents. You need 1 training ticket per two hours of training, and if you are playing with one avatar, the challenges will reward you a fair amount of training tickets to boost your stats. In case you would like to have more than one avatar, a wise option could be to get a combo bundle from the sale page.

Training for 24 hours will grant you a shard to level up your stats.

The maximum training duration is 12 hours and it needs 6 tickets. You can get training tickets from the store for 0.1 EOS each, or 7 EOS for 100 with a 30% Discount.

To better understand training here is a table with the number of training tickets and the time it needs. Training is passive, you can train and battle at the same time.

Training TicketsDuration of Training
12 Hours
24 Hours
36 Hours
48 Hours
5 10 Hours
612 Hours

Clans and leaderboards

Chain Clash is a team game, even if everyone fights individually. All avatars join forces to stand out in their clans and achieve various team goals for big rewards.

It doesn’t matter how many players a clan counts, but how well the members perform in field.

There are two kinds of leaderboards. The first one contains the top 100 avatars and the other one the clan rankings.

Getting into the top 100 is a fairly easy process right now, i managed to rank 3 avatars in that leaderboard, and i could probably rank more. Of course, as Chain Clash attracts more players, this will become laborious.

Shards, Revival Orbs, Health Kits, and Pricing

Money makes the world go round. Free to play games need a way to make money so development can go and pay the employees.

The most important thing is not to offer significant advantages to the “donators.” While this makes money and keeps the donors happy, the other players are getting rekt, and this turns out to a lousy gaming experience for the majority. I can say that Chain Clash scores not bad here, in fact, better than what I expected. Balance is always the key. 

Training Tickets: Allows you to train your avatar and upgrade its stats. Each training ticket costs 0.1 EOS and can go up to 7 EOS for 100.

Health Kits: The only way besides revival orbs to boost your avatar’s health and continue the fight. Health Kits boost the recovery of HP for about 20% of the total HP, and it takes one-two minutes. Considering the price, which is 0.2 EOS, i would prefer health kits to replenish at least 50%, if not all the HP. 50 cents sounds nothing, but for players from under-developed countries, this is a hefty price to pay for two fights.

Revival Orbs: You won’t need any unless your avatar is beaten to death. Revival Orbs cost 0.4 EOS, and they are unnecessary as you can wait for 24 hours for your avatar to revive.

Shards: Apply permanent boosts to your avatar with Shards. You can’t buy shards, but you can win them. Make sure you apply them carefully.

Avatars: Each avatar costs 0.5 EOS. That’s around $1. With $5, you can get a team of 5 fighters and clash all day long.

Name Tags: Apply them to your avatar to change its name. This feature was enabled today. Name tags can be sold to other players and it costs 0.5 EOS to get your own.

What’s next for Chain Clash?

Some neat elements are coming the next days, including 3D Renders of Clashes. I believe this feature will significantly improve the game and the way people preserve it. If i had to guess, 3D Renders would show you the opponent’s tactic, and since you can match multiple times with the same player, you could adjust your strategy and defeat him, as long as he doesn’t change it.

Later updates for Chain Clash include seasons, tournaments, additional arenas, and the ability to combine avatars. We explain more about those here.

Combining avatars is a great way to get higher rarity ones by trading multiple commons.

My opinion for Chain Clash

It’s a good game. While we say it’s a fighting game, it’s more like a clicker/idle. Since battles are asynchronous, you focus on finding the ideal strategies and gaining experience. The in-app purchases offer some advantages and they don’t twist the gaming experience of the others.

After five days of gameplay, I completed all the tutorial challenges, and there is only one quest left. The daily challenges offer some rewards, but i would love to see some more. On top of that, a daily bonus would be sweet.

I’m patiently waiting for the next game updates where more action will take place with the 3D Renders, Chain Clash would then feel more complete.

Let’s not forget that this game is the first to come, and its less than a week old. Chain Clash Arcade will be like Tekken/Street Fighter, and other games will use the same avatars. So owning one now might have a broader usage in the future.

Should you play Chain Clash?

Absolutely! Go ahead, start playing. It’s free! Idle gamers will value Chain Clash, it’s a game that doesn’t have a cap, you can play for months and train every day. The future tournaments will always give you an extra reason to play and the Seasons are going to be the Chain Clash Olympics. I’ll be training till then.

Chain Clash is brought to you through the collaboration of DNA Block and ChainWise group, the same company that develops the Wombat wallet. If you care to learn more, watch this video and find here a detailed presentation of Chain Clash.

Thank you for reading our Chain Clash Review. I hope you found the above information useful. A friendly reminder to everyone: Stay home, stay safe! Beat Coronavirus by playing some Chain Clash.