War Riders introduces Badges & Extends Pre-Sale

The famous upcoming blockchain game War Riders released some exciting news today.

The Pre-Sale campaign is now active for two months, since the first day, Cartified Inc has managed to sell over 3,100 pre-sale vehicles, raising enough money to continue developing the games.

For a Blockchain Game, selling this number of items in a pre-sale campaign is considered a big success. Wasteland is going to experience heavy traffic, patience is suggested.

Vehicle Sales Extended

War Riders Lambo
War Riders Lambo

After community request, vehicles sale will be extended until the Beta launch or the mid-grade vehicle sale. Early adopters are able to still purchase premium vehicles but not as cheap as before. War Riders might extend the pre-sale but the prices won’t be the same.

This tactic rewards early backers who have already purchased vehicles. There are 26,900 vehicles left (unsold) and War Riders won’t produce others.

Join the War Riders Pre-Sale

War Riders Joins BitGuild Platform

Special Badges?

Not sure that this will be implemented anytime soon, but War Riders announced the possibility to give special badges to anyone who took part in the pre-sale campaign. Early backers will wear a badge with style, letting others know that they have been in the Wasteland since day zero.

BZN distribution

On Wed, 24/10/28 the BZN Truck will be ready to roll. A button will be activated on the War Riders website and once you approve the transaction, your BZN will arrive.

The internal rate of BZN is $0,50 per token, this price will be fixed until somewhere in 2019.

There will be more updates towards the end of the week on the status of the project, vehicle customization, and the release dates. Stay tuned!

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