Champions Arena Launches Season 3 with Exciting Features

Champions Arena Launches Season 3 with Exciting Features and Fixes

The curtain rises for Champions Arena Season 3, introducing plenty of new features, improvements, and an enticing arena leaderboard. This season promises to attract fresh players eager to test their mettle and presents fascinating twists for seasoned gamers.

(New Additions for Estates) Players need to hustle as two novel Estate structures debut:

Estate Board: This structure offers exclusive missions tied to your Champions. Completing a mission rewards both the player and the Estate in which the building is situated.

Estate Store: An answer to the treasures amassed through the Estate Board, this store enables Estate proprietors to list rewards gathered by the Estate. As the building levels up, a larger portion of the proceeds augments the Estate’s treasury.

Revamped Store and Trade Market Mechanics

The in-game Shop experience receives a tweak: items bought from the Shop will automatically find their way to players’ inventories, bypassing the mailbox. However, this change excludes purchases from the Cash Shop or Gala Store, which will be dispatched via in-game mail.

Additionally, a dynamic pricing system is in place for the Trade Market, adjusting item prices according to their category and level.

Champion Box Alterations

Shop-offered Champion Boxes undergo a modification. The characters, Leopold and Sophia, will be absent from the Rare and Legendary Champion Boxes, respectively. Notably, this applies to all such boxes, even those purchased earlier but unopened.

Furthermore, the special summoning event for characters Lavina, Zafrina, and Jia culminates with this update. Although the enhanced summoning odds have ceased, these characters continue to benefit from a +15% VP Bonus for the season’s duration.

Balance Adjustments for Champions

Characters Lavina and Jia witness adjustments to their skill sets for a more balanced gameplay experience, including shifts in damage multipliers and passive skill boosts. Additionally, Sakaris receives a visual upgrade, where an animation now cues the activation of its Passive skill.

And lastly, to ensure a smoother gameplay experience, several updates have been integrated:

  • Default battle speed is set to 2x.
  • Arena Battles will also progress at 2x speed.
  • A simple quiz pops up sporadically during arena matchmaking to confirm no macros or automations are at play.
  • Battles are suspended five minutes prior to any server maintenance to avert disruptions or loss of game progress.