Charlotte Hornets Introduces First NBA Virtual Store in Partnership with MeetKai

Charlotte Hornets Introduces First NBA Virtual Store in Partnership with MeetKai

The Charlotte Hornets have unveiled their all-new Virtual Fan Shop in collaboration with the metaverse platform, MeetKai. This marks the NBA’s debut in the realm of virtual team stores. Catering to fans all around the world, the platform promises an unparalleled online shopping journey right from their homes.

A significant highlight of this virtual endeavor is its use of digital twin technology. By employing this technique, the Hornets have crafted a virtual store that mirrors the look and feel of their physical store. Seth Bennett, Charlotte Hornets’ chief marketing officer, drew a comparison between the actual store at Spectrum Center and the virtual version, emphasizing that customers would experience almost the same ambiance online.

Easy Access and a Wide Merchandise Range

Requiring no additional downloads, the Hornets Virtual Fan Shop is easily accessible via mobile devices or standard web browsers. Once inside, fans can browse various merchandise options, from jerseys and T-shirts to hats and unique collectibles.

A Seamless Shopping Experience

Adding to the digital store’s authenticity, banners are placed in a manner reminiscent of their real-world counterparts. And, to ensure the shopping process remains seamless, all purchases from the virtual store will be dispatched directly to the buyer’s residence. The Hornets have joined forces with Fanatics, a sports apparel and fan gear store, to streamline their e-commerce endeavors.

On top of the shopping experience, the platform is rigged with gamified elements. Those with VR headsets can engage in activities such as shooting mini basketballs at hoops within the store. Although this is just the beginning, more engaging experiences will be rolled out soon!