Get to Know More about Block Babies!

Block Babies by Vulcan Forged

Block babies is a user-centric game that is easy to play. This blockchain based game was released on 3rd July, 202, by Vulcan Forged, a premium blockchain game studio, incubator and also a high volume marketplace. 

Ever since its release, the game has taken the world by storm. It is because of the innovative gameplay that this game features. The characters of this game are adorable babies. However, the players should not make the mistake of thinking that the characters are just innocent and cute babies. They are definitely more than that!

The babies or the characters of this game are the star performers who fight against the competitors to come at the first position on the nursery leaderboard and gain experience. Every character possesses some attributes that include patience, adorability, playfulness, appetite, sleep skills, intelligence, kindness, and dexterity. 

The babies are the gateway for players to gain experience and earn subsequent rewards. 

The Ultimate Team

All the team members have extreme power and the characters’ eyes gleam with passion. The babies do not possess any characteristics of their own. However, it doesn’t mean that such characters are of no use to you. If you want some contenders in your team who will help you win against your rivals, these characters are the ones you can count on. 

You can purchase these babies and they will help you in the fight against your competitors. Different babies of different teams have different attributes. For instance, the babies of the force team will help you fight against your competitors, the defense team babies help stop a rival’s attack, and the babies of the attacking team will help you attack. The babies of this game will always help you to win.

Vulcan Forged recently enables Fiat-on-ramp allowing players to buy $PYR tokens using their credit card directly from the website, Block Babies is one of the many Vulcan Games that include a TCG called Berserk, an upcoming MMORPG called Vulcan Verse, a 3D Board game Incarnate and many more.