Crypto Idle Miner is Officially Released – Play Now


HORA Games the company behind Crypto Idle Miner announced game launch after the successful Beta period and now it is available for iOS and Android.

As we recently informed our readers, the game is now fully playable and it’s more than amazing!

Crypto Idle Miner is a mining simulation game where players can build their own mining empire and select from a variety of coins to mine. The mineable in-game coins might not be real but they can later be exchanged for HORA Tokens.

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Players start the game by mining Music coins with a single machine, as the game progress, other coins become available with infrastructure managers, traders, more power consumption and non stop upgrades.

Crypto Idle Miner also features a research center when you can upgrade various elements and progress faster in the game.

Download For iOS & Android

The Hora Token

HORA is an ERC-20 Token and it will be the native currency for all the upcoming HORA Games.

The HORA Token can be earned by playing Crypto Idle Miner and all the upcoming games made by Hora Games.

Where you one of the beta testers? The long-awaited day for the reward of the beta testers is about to come. Everyone that participated will receive 3000 of Hora Tokens and there will be an extra reward depending on how active you were during the beta test.

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