Cryptonom Joins The Enjin Multiverse Ecosystem

Cryptonom Game powered by Enjin

Under development as a browser-based blockchain game using the  Enjin’s SDK for Godot, Cryptonom is the newest addition to the Enjin’s Multiverse project. While the game is still under development, a public demo is about to launch soon.

Cryptonom is a free to play turn-based RPG blockchain game where you can explore different environments, collect, evolve, and acquire unique digital creatures called “NOMs.” 

Players can capture, level-up, and trade NOMs to become an Architect, Champion, Guardian, Explorer, or a mix of all four! NOMs come in the form of ERC 1155 tokens, and through the Enjin’s multiverse program, they will soon be playable in other games as well.

While playing, you will encounter two kinds of NOMs, Simulated and Wild. Simulated are not tokenized and only exist in the game profile to assist you. Wild NOMs live on-chain, and each one contains Enjin coins. Once you successfully capture a Wild NOM, it goes straight to your Enjin wallet and truly belongs to you as a crypto-backed digital asset. The game offers six different zones where each one contains different NOMs based on the zones’ environment.

Visit Now The Cryptonom Website And Stay Tuned For The Upcoming Release

About The Enjin Integration

Joining the Multiverse program is a huge milestone for Cryptonom. Now the game offers extra possibilities and benefits with digital goods on the blockchain and a decentralized economy.

Players will store in-game items in their Enjin wallet, which is one of the most reliable and secure mobile cryptocurrency wallets. The game will support items from other multiverse games and vice versa. Even more, you can capture a NOM while playing and sell it in the Enjin’s marketplace using ENJ tokens.

Check out a video about the Enjin integration in the game:

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