CryptoWars First Tournament With $2,500 In Prizes To Claim

CryptoWars First Tournament

The upcoming CryptoWars First Tournament features $2,500 in prizes.

What is Crypto Wars?

CryptoWars is an epic decentralized strategy civilization game in which you can build an customize your village. Players will be able to battle against other villages and control all realms while forming in-game alliances. The game will be playable through any modern browser using the Metamask wallet.

The game will run on the Ethereum network, and as in every blockchain game, you get to own your items truly!

The CryptoWars Marketplace

The CryptoWars marketplace offers Generation 0 skins to turn your characters into unique and awesome looking ones! There are also starter packs to boost your gaming experience. All of the assets are non-fungible tokens.

CryptoWars Blockchain Game The upcoming CryptoWars First Tournament features ,500 in prizes.

Join the Tournament

The first CryptoWars tournament is giving away $2,500 in prizes. You can register and get your affiliate link. If any of the players you manage to invite makes it in the TOP 100 leaderboard by January 15th 6 PM CET, you will receive $10.

Visit The Crypto Wars Tournament.