DappRadar and B2Expand join forces to promote Light Trail Rush

DappRadar, a dapp analytics platform announced a new promotional collaboration with Light Trail Rush game, powered by the Ubisoft backed company B2Expand.

Light Trail Rush is a racing game with battle elements without a predefined circuit, meaning that the one who leads the race creates the track for the rest seven racers while earning points for holding the spot.

Set for the main release in June 2020, Light Trail Rush is already playable on Steam as a pre-alpha version.

Under-development on Ethereum, in-game assets are created using the ERC-721 Token standard which stands for true item ownership, meaning that the items are yours to keep, play and sell.

Beginning on November 15, DappRaddar and B2Expand will launch a special sale with limited-edition skins that can be used not only in the final game but also in the pre-alpha version.

B2Expand is also the creator of the Beyond The Void Blockchain game, one of the oldest blockchain games.

In other news, DappRaddar reported a 43% decrease in daily active users on the top 5 EOS platforms since the start of November.

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