DFG Contributes 200,000 $DOT To The Efinity Crowdloan

DFG Contributes 200k DOT to enjin efinity crowdloan

DFG Investment Firm contributes 200,000 $DOT to Efinity Crowdloan.

By staking 200,000 $DOT, DFG will support Efinity in the race of getting a para-chain slot in Polkadot’s crowdloan.

The Polkadots Parachain Auction has been underway since November 11, and many projects are contributing their $DOT coins to acquire a para-chain slot. DFG wants to assist the most promising projects and reassure the future of Blockchain.

Efinity is Enjin’s upcoming para-chain, with its current contribution at 2,082,095 $DOT($72,290,329). If the rankings continue as is, Efinity is expected to secure the slot by Q1 2022 or ealier.

polkadot dot list parachains Welcome to the third video of the
Parachains Auction. Image Source: https://parachains.info/auctions

Enjin’s team established itself as a world-class developer and is well known to the Blockchain industry for pioneering on NFTs. Efinity aims to create a new ecosystem where more accessible and scalable solutions will be provided to users and developers. Simplicity is the main goal here.

Enjin recently announced a 100$ Million Metaverse fund to attract developers to Efinity.

About DFG

DFG is a global blockchain and cryptocurrency investment firm. Investment of DFG has passed the price of $1 Billion. With their professional team, they research and find the most promising crypto projects that have the potential to evolve to something incredible.