Discord Hacking: Gods Unchained Server is The Latest Victim

Gods Unchained is an NFT trading card game developed by Immutable, an Ethereum NFT scaling platform. Gods Unchained Discord Server approximately got exploited yesterday using the method below:

We will review the method the Hacker used, step by step:

  1. The Hacker picks a Target (Preferably a mod).
  2. He searches Target’s other discord group memberships and gets into one.
  3. The Hacker gets him banned pretending to scam community members for the other Discord by impersonating him.
  4. Again, the Hacker impersonates a mod from the server he got banned and asks him to prove innocence via DMs.
  5. Then he tries to pursue the Target into thinking he is an actual mod by photoshopping fake discussions with the Discord team. By doing all this stuff, he pursues the admin into a call.
  6.  Eventually, he gets the Target into screen sharing, and opening Inspect Elements, seeing all the pieces of information he needs to exploit the Discord Server (^BYPASSES 2FA + passwords).

The Hacker exploited 1,931.48 $GODS and 5 $ETH, and Gods Unchained will reimburse everyone who lost money.

The Hack explained here by Little Lemon Friends Source: Twitter

God’s Unchained Discord Server is not the only one affected by relentless hacking activities the past few days and weeks. Phantom Galaxies were also affected as well as Alien Frens.

Please be careful in those types of Scams.

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