Elysium Blockchain Nodes Overview

Elysium node blockchain overview

Elysium is a high-performance newly built blockchain by Vulcan Forged. The main purpose of building this highly anticipated blockchain is to provide solutions for NFTs and blockchain gaming projects. 

According to Elysium, the blockchain is not only 100% carbon neutral, but they’re planting trees as well to help shape the environment for future generations. The blockchain can work with Solidity Smart Contracts and is also EVM Compatible. 

Elysium Node Program

At this time, Elysium has shared information about only three node types available on the Elysium blockchain. The company shared in an article that they’ll release information about the fourth node once the number of transactions increases.

  1. Cronus Node

Protected and validated by a network of 51 Authority nodes, Elysium intends to guard the blockchain by using Proof of Authority (POA).

Elysium blockchain uses a blockchain validator that’s used to validate the blocks so that the blocks can then be added to the permanent ledger of the blockchain. (Once a transaction is made, it’ll be saved on the blockchain).

Whoever owns the nodes on the blockchain will be a known entity. For example, a node owner can be a game developer, contributor, player, Vulcan Philosopher, or more. 

To be functional, the Elysium authority nodes require special software and a physical server to run. Elysium plans to host the nodes at different strategic locations all over the world. The nodes will be stored at carbon-neutral servers only. 

In addition to that, the authority nodes will receive a small percentage of the transaction that’s made on the Elysium blockchain. 

Another way for the authority nodes to generate income is by receiving royalties from Elysium. (More about this will be shared layer by Elysium).

  1. Demeter Nodes

Demeter Nodes are based on the idea of harvesting and performing agricultural activities. The players will own Land to harvest and grow grains. The source of income for the Demeter Nodes will be by receiving a small amount of $LAVA gas fee whenever a transaction is made on the Elysium Blockchain. 

However, you will only be eligible for receiving the gas fee if your land is on Level 4 and/or up. 

Here’s the complete list of how much you can make based on your land level. 

Level 4: 10% of the Demeter Fee 

Level 5: 18% of the Demeter Fee

Level 6: 28% of the Demeter Fee

Level 7: 44% of the Demeter Fee

  1. Hades Nodes

Known as the “Giver of Wealth” and “the Wealthy One”, the Hades node will allow you to stake both the currencies of the Elysium Blockchain. 

When you stake $PYR, you receive $LAVA as a reward, Based on the locking period and amount, your reward can increase. 

The Hades Nodes will be divided into five tiers. The first tier node starts at locking 2000 Locked $PYR Tokens. 

Other than that, all the Hades Nodes on the Elysium blockchain will automatically participate in the GOD Pool and NFT Pool. 

The GOD Pool

Simply, you can make more staking income if you hold one of the GOD NFTs. This makes the Vulcan Gods NFTs a valuable asset to own. 

Cronus or Zeus holders will get around 15% staking reward while GOD holders will get 5% of the staking reward for the base generation amount. 

Elysium NFT Pool

The Vulcanites and OG Badge Holders have the opportunity to boost their staking reward by participating in the NFT Pool. They can receive $LAVA based on the asset they own. 

If they own a Vulcanite, they will receive a 1% extra staking reward for each of the Vulcanites. In case of owning an OG Badge, they will receive 2.5% of the total staking reward,