Ember Sword: The Blockchain MMORPG

Ember Sword is an upcoming MMORPG Blockchain Game
Ember Sword is an upcoming MMORPG Blockchain Game

I knew it was a matter of time until we would see the first Blockchain based MMORPG. For the most part of my life, I have been addicted to MMORPG games, so this one is a touching one.

Ember Sword is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG taking place in an open world partly owned and maintained by the players. By utilizing blockchain technology, Ember Sword hopes to redefine the MMORPG industry where, as of today, most players are locked to pre-defined experiences (called themeparks) and cash shops that give pay-to-win advantages in the game and where the players pay developers to own a license for an item, not the actual item itself.

The game will be accessible through the browser or as a desktop client. We expect an early version of the game to be released within 2019, although this information is not verified yet.

Players will enjoy a decentralized cosmetic and land economy with unlimited in-game possibilities to earn and spend PIXEL Tokens (ERC20), the in-game cryptocurrency based on Ethereum Blockchain.

PIXEL Token has a limited initial supply of 750Million Tokens, and the Token private pre-Sale is undergoing.


In Ember Sword, after creating a character and choosing a starting home region, the real journey begins, as you collect in-game resources, craft gear, equipment, potions, and take on monsters and other players to gain experience points and level up your character using any weapon you like. Completing Player-versus-Player (PVP) and Player-versus-Environment (PVE) objectives reward players with scarce non-fungible CARD Tokens, which unlocks cosmetics that can either be used or sold to other players through a landowner’s marketplace.

Ember Sword features guilds, territory wars, castles and so many more features that make this particular game interesting.

The One Pager of Ember-Sword. This image explains the basic features of the upcoming MMORPG Blockchain Game
The One Pager of Ember-Sword. This image explains the basic features of the upcoming MMORPG Blockchain Game

Whether you like PVE or PVP, you have plenty of options in Ember Sword.. With a classless combat system, you can switch between weapons and abilities at any time, which, in theory, gives an advantage to skilled players. If you are a PVE Player, monsters and bosses will drop loot and help you advance in the game.

The maximum level of any skill in the game is 100, and as you progress, new abilities and skills will be unlocked. This does not only apply to level up your character but also in gathering resources, crafting and equipping items.

It’s also worth mentioning that the game uses a shard server system, which means you won’t have to choose a server to play in, and everyone joins the same world without overloading problems. Awesome, right?

Land Owners

Land Owneship in Ember Sword MMORPG Blockchain Game
Land Owneship in Ember Sword MMORPG Blockchain Game

Any MMORPG player knows very well that the maps in this kind of games are huge, and so when you mix Blockchain with in-game acres, interesting opportunities arise.

In Ember Sword, gamers can purchase digital in-game land and create experiences other players can interact with, such as a cosmetic marketplace and shop where players can purchase non-pay-to-win services, with the landowner earning a PIXEL fee on every sale.

Players who don’t find the idea of being a self-employed merchant attractive,  can rent their land to other merchants for a monthly fee or just sell the entire parcel of land. Landowners can also evolve the world by placing resources, NPCs, monsters that help populate the Ember Sword universe and keeps it ever-changing and interesting for other players.

The Ember Sword Land Auction is scheduled for Q2, 2019. Everyone who owns PIXEL Tokens will be able to participate in the action. Afterward, the 1344 parcels of LAND can only be bought from other players.

Cosmetic Items

Ember Sword Blockchain Game MMORPG Champion
Ember Sword Blockchain Game MMORPG Champion

League of legends, the most popular MOBA game earned in 2017 $2,1B by selling cosmetic items… you get the point.

Gamers in Ember Sword will be able to freely trade cosmetic items like Buildings, Skins, Emotes, Capes and so many more assets on the blockchain without any third party involvement. All items (ERC 721) come with a limited supply, making them unique and rare. The cosmetic items available each month can be obtained as rewards through in-game  territory and guild wars and boss fights, and are afterward traded between players themselves

Ember Sword to End Predatory Lootbox Monetization Using the Blockchain in Free to Play MMORPG

Caravan Trading

Ember Sword Blockchain Game MMORPG
Ember Sword Blockchain Game MMORPG.


Region trading is something we haven’t seen before in any MMORPG. Every region in Ember Sword has a unique resource, which creates the need for trading resources between regions – but there is a problem. Limited inventory and lack of a central cross-region marketplace force players to find efficient ways to trade, and that’s why Caravans exist!

Trading across regions requires one or more Caravans, and don’t forget we are in a dangerous MMORPG world, so anything can happen – and you might get attacked by bandits. Caravan trading requires much attention, allies for protection and your mother’s blessing – the enemy is waiting to steal your goods.


Artists Workflow in Ember Sword. This image demonstrates how items are sold in the marketplace.
Artists Workflow in Ember Sword. This image demonstrates how items are sold in the marketplace.

Artists and hobbyists can earn PIXEL Tokens in Ember Sword by designing their own assets. So Couch Studios empowers and motivates creative players to create in-game cosmetic items like emotes, skins and textures, some of which will be introduced into the game as non-fungible cosmetics, with the artist earning a PIXEL Token fee on every time the item is traded between players in perpetuity.

This method probably sounds familiar to you, blockbuster games like CS:GO and Rust (Steam Workshop), have successfully completed million of sales through the community-powered workshop. But in this case, artists earn a revenue in perpetuity, not just from selling the item once.

Territory Area in Ember Sword, View of the particular area map
Territory Area in Ember Sword, View of the particular area map

Behind The Scenes

Some of the developers of So Couch, the company behind Ember Sword
Some of the developers of So Couch, the company behind Ember Sword

So Couch Studios, the company responsible for bringing Ember Sword to your PCs, consists of skilled game developers & designers with years of experience in every field from development to design, marketing, and business development. They are an international team from Denmark, USA, and The Netherlands.

Mark Laursen is the Founder & CEO of So Couch Studios.

Eleven people are working for Ember Sword and we expect this number to grow as the company progress the development of the game. More information can be found here.

Ember Sword is undergoing a Token Sale, to participate contact them via socouch.com or reach out directly to sune(at)socouch.com.

Need more of Ember Sword? Check out Sune’s Medium. The whitepaper, Game Pitch & Business Pitch.

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