The BlockLords Closed Beta

The BlockLords Closed Beta

After an intense development cycle, the BlockLords Closed Beta is now available for everyone.

The new beta version of BLOCKLORDS 2.0 comes with great additions. A new strategic map is available where you can build stronghold buildings that generate resources, join real-time PvP battles, and use the unique item forge crafting system. It’s worth to mention that the Ethereum version of Blocklords is playable for free, as long as you own a hero.

By joining the closed beta not only you will have a first taste of the full release but also you will have a head start to build your empire. Even more, you can check-in every 8 hours to gain extra resource packs once the game is fully launched. During the Beta, users can report bugs at info (a) Blocklords will wipe the progress prior to the main launch to refine the game balance. Beta players will be rewarded with resource boxes based on total check-ins.

In order to join the closed beta you need to acquire a Hero NFT. You can purchase a Hero from the website or directly from OpenSea.

The Loom Network

BlockLords Closed Beta
The BlockLords Closed Beta 30

BlockLords is built on the LOOM Network meaning that transactions are free and instant. With the Loom gateway, it’s easy for players to move their NFTs to the Ethereum mainnet and sell them on decentralized exchanges such as OpenSea. Evermore, that way it is easier for BlockLords to connect other Blockchain networks such as Tron.

In addition, BlockLords created two unique NFT heroes inspired by LOOM that are available for sale right now. These heroes are unique Gen-0 NFT’s that will grand strong advantages in the game.

Discover the Loom Heroes

The New Player Tutorial

BlockLords Closed Beta
The BlockLords Closed Beta 31

The new player tutorial aims to bring the non-blockchain gamers one step closer to the game. Regular gamers are not yet familiar with blockchain and crypto wallets such as Metamask. Asking those players to create all of the necessary things from scratch it is most likely to disappoint them before even start playing.

So the game developed a tutorial that will teach the basics of the game to new players that can later decide if they wish to install a wallet and get an NFT or not.

Try the Free Tutorial Now!

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