Explore The Main Multiverse Quest With an Incredible Prize

Explore The Main Multiverse Quest With an Incredible Prize

Enjin Team is celebrating today, 365 creative days since the ICO completed. What a journey! Happy Birthday, Enjin!

With a comic, Enjin Team announced the first and main quest of the Multiverse!

The quest requires a series of actions from the players, wandering through multiple Multiverse games, collecting Easter eggs, solving puzzles, and deciphering clues.

The reward is Called “Monolith”, it’s the first-ever ERC-1155 item backed by 1,155,777 ENJ ($60,000). This item is the most valuable Multiverse asset we have ever seen.

While value means a lot for every collectible asset, the Monolith is not about the amount of ENJ it contains but rather the ideas it represents.

It’s there to show that there’s a new, better way to create virtual worlds, one where everybody wins — both gamers and game developers.

What else?

Enjin Team designed another item specifically for the ENJ Fans.

It’s called “The Horn,” and contains 512,221 ENJ.

The Horn will be acquired through a series of legendary and cryptic challenges from an interactive experience called Tradesmith.

Tradesmith is a game of sorts, explicitly designed for the Enjin community.

While much information isn’t yet available to the public, Ilija Rolović said that Tradesmith will feature Multiverse assets with a huge number of epic crypto-items.

For example, by holding ENJ in your ENJ Wallet, you might be eligible to receive Multiverse Items! The complete Blacksmith experience will be available within 2019.