Forest Knight: Massive Game-Changer Updates Coming

Forest Knight New Updates

A Knight (Token) in Shining Armor

Due to insistent public demand for new and improved blockchain games that promote non-fungible tokens minting and other play-to-earn features that reward all the efforts and achievements of players, the shot callers at Chrono Games are constantly looking for ways to give what the people want and rightfully deserve. And since Forest Knight is the flagship project where they are concentrating all of their development efforts to expand and improve with each passing season, they are now excited to introduce a powerful, in-game utility currency called Knight token that players can earn, accumulate and collect. 

Forest Knight
Forest Knight: Massive Game-Changer Updates Coming 34

These tokens can be used in different areas and aspects of the game and players will be rewarded with these coveted coins in their daily quests, in-game activities, and perilous journey to vanquish the Skeleton Master. Kicking off the token development stage and cycle during the second half of 2021 to maximize the remaining months and cap the year with a strong finish, the developers aim to showcase the potential power and inherent value of Knight token as its release is integrated with the introduction of first-generation NFT collectibles. 

Key Features to Maximize Play-to-Earn Potentials

First and foremost, the iconic marketplace is a great place for players to engage and deal with one another to maximize the rewards that they get. Every time players complete daily quests and accomplish objectives, they are given rewards and loot items like offensive weapons, defensive armors, and accessories with varying rarity types and statuses. These valuable NFTs can then be listed in the marketplace where people can buy, sell and trade items to suit their tactics and strategy. 

Furthermore, Forest Knight took it one level higher by introducing the NFT Rent or Loan system, a feature that is not prevalent in most blockchain games today. In this arrangement, players can loan or rent their NFT items to other knights without the nagging fear that they will be scammed because rented items cannot be sold, destroyed, or combined with other non-fungible tokens. When the previously agreed upon rent duration expires, the real owner gets their items back automatically. 

Enjoying the Promised Land

image 3 A Knight (Token) in Shining Armor
Forest Knight: Massive Game-Changer Updates Coming 35

Aside from raking in a decent profit from loaning and selling the NFTs that they accumulate as they progress within the game, players can also buy virtual land during the development cycle. This digital land that has an actual in-game, geographical location can be used by owners to establish a city and create different kinds of buildings. These structures progressively produce NFTs, items, and resources as well as the newly-released and all-powerful Knight tokens. 

Blending together the decentralized finance elements of blockchain games such as Aavegotchi with the exciting gameplay mechanics of titles like Axie Infinity, Forest Knight is now introducing Pets that Knights can level up to help them earn more NFT items and rewards as well as Knight tokens. Magical eggs will be released in the latter stages of development and when these eggs are hatched, truly randomized pets are produced with different body parts and attributes making each creature truly unique and one of a kind. 

A Glimpse into the Future

For their first quarter plans next year, the Staking System will also be introduced in the early weeks as a gift to pioneer players who remained loyal since Day One and newcomers who want to be rewarded for holding on tightly to their Knight tokens.

Last but not the least, since the developers aim to bestow the power of ownership back to players and give them exciting play-to-earn options, they are adamant about building a community where the voice of the people is heard because of their sound opinions, innermost desires, and logical suggestions are closely considered to improve the game further. 

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