Former Crypto Minecraft Game NFT Worlds Rebrand as Topia

Former Crypto Minecraft Game NFT Worlds Rebrand as Topia

Topia, formerly known as NFT Worlds, is excited to announce its recent rebranding. Last year, NFT Worlds faced a major setback when Minecraft decided to ban all NFT and blockchain integrations.

The team behind NFT Worlds showed incredible resilience. They’ve been working hard to rebuild their game, and now they’re back in the virtual world race.

Introducing Topia, the platform’s new name, it comes with a rebrand and a relaunch of their World NFTs. If you had an NFT Worlds NFT, don’t worry, you’ve been given a brand new copy of your world in the updated version. You can check them out here. Prices have been up and down, but now they’re around 2 ETH each.

Topia’s team has also developed some cool open-source web3 tools. These handy gadgets can be used by any project, not just Topia, for things like token transfers and logins. They’ve used these tools to create a smooth experience for Topia Worlds’ players.

Topia’s got big plans, including creating its own sidechain. We can expect their WRLD token and NFT Worlds Avatar NFTs to move over too at some point soon. There’s still lots to do, like a new staking contract for the Worlds, but Topia is definitely a project to watch in the coming months! Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting new platform!