Gala Games Launches Million-Dollar Bug Bounty Program with Immunefi

Gala Games Launches Million-Dollar Bug Bounty Program with Immunefi

Web3 gaming studio Gala Games recently announced a partnership with Immunefi to launch a Bug Bounty Program, a cybersecurity initiative. The program, set to offer a total of $1 million in bounties, was launched on May 23rd, 2023, in Gala Games’ ecosystem, demonstrating the company’s commitment to security.

The Bug Bounty Program follows Gala Games’ significant $GALA Contract Upgrade and the Pledge that resulted in the burn of 20.9 billion $GALA. The security program demonstrates Gala Games’ dedication to the long-term success and security of its ecosystem and users. Participants can browse available bounties and rewards on the Gala Games Bug Bounty page.

With the rise of Web3, Gala Games recognizes the importance of incentivizing constructive behaviors that promote a healthy digital ecosystem. The Bug Bounty Program is designed to discourage exploitation by providing potential exploiters with an alternative path, one that is beneficial for the community.

How does the Gala Games Bug Bounty Program work?

The Bug Bounty Program operates with a simple yet effective principle, rewarding individuals who expose potential vulnerabilities rather than exploiting them. For instance, a hacker who discovers a bug could potentially profit up to $50,000 from the bounty instead of causing damage to the ecosystem and facing legal consequences. The firm believes that this strategy would be more appealing to the majority of potential exploiters, promoting an environment of security and cooperation.

Immunefi, the leading bug bounty platform in Web3, currently protects $60 billion in user funds. It offers companies a means to access community resources, providing hackers with lucrative opportunities to contribute positively. This platform also allows independent hackers to play an active role in securing the future of Web3.

Gala Games encourages everyone with the necessary skills and knowledge to contribute to improving their ecosystem. By doing so, they believe that they can create an environment where everyone grows together. The Bug Bounty Program is a strong testament to Gala Games’ commitment to security, transparency, and the long-term success of its ecosystem.