Gala Games Making Moves With Splinterlands & Exchanges Listing


It’s been a while since Gala Games started making marketing moves, Eric Schiermeyer’s project is slowly taking off by getting listed in exchanges and teaming up with Splinterlands.

Since the project started, it has rewarded over 12 million USD worth of Gala Rewards to the early adopters. As a reminder, to mine Gala tokens and receive the rewards, you either need to play Town Star and invite your friends, or purchase a Soft Node license which costs approximately 2,000 USD. The Gala Soft Node is basically the Gala miner that rewards your based on your participation in the network.

The GALA Soft Node.

The latest announcement from Gala Games is all about Splinterlands. Players will be able to spend the Gala tokens inside the most playable blockchain game, providing that way a utility outside the Gala ecosystem and the Town Star game. News doesn’t stop here, the Gala token is now tradable in Digifinex, a Singapore based exchange with almost 1 billion USD in daily trading volume. The past week, the Gala token was listed in Bitrue and Uniswap with more exchanges to come in the near future.

Gala Games Making Moves With Splinterlands & Exchanges Listing 1

It is said that more games will join the Gala ecosystem besides Town Star, which, at this point, is running in weekly basis with rewards for the top players.

The community approach is incredible, through Discord, the Gala team is constantly looking for the player’s feedback, making that way Gala a community-oriented project with lots of die-hard fans around the internet.

Read more about Town Star.

Make sure you sign-up for Town Star and experience first-hand the opportunities.

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