Genesis Worlds Metaverse Review – A 100 Years Project by Game Credits

Today we introduce you the Genesis Worlds Metaverse. An upcoming virtual world that aims to evolve and be actively playable for the next 100 years.

For starters, Genesis Worlds Metaverse is under development by Game Credits, the first gaming cryptocurrency coin that launched back in 2014, long before NFTs invented.

Game Credits have been actively researching and communicating with Metaverse leaders in order to create a virtual world like no others. The plan is to keep the best features across all existing Metaverses and skip the bad ones. How are they going to do this? Check out the interview with Jason Cassidy all about Genesis Worlds.

Watch the Interview with Jason Cassidy, CEO of Game Credits and Genesis Worlds Metaverse.

The Vision

As we previously mentioned, Genesis Worlds Metaverse has one main goal. To create a Metaverse that will evolve and be actively playable for the next 100 years.

In order to achieve such a thing, the Metaverse will be fully decentralized with governance decisions guided by the Genesis Foundation and voted on by players using the Genesis token. A non-profit organization that will reinvest every asset owned into the game for long-term success.

Tropical Planet in Genesis Worlds. Image Source: Genesis Worlds Website.

The Game

Genesis has hundreds of worlds, each one with a unique theme and gameplay. With everything community-created.

The core of the gameplay is simple. Traveling from World to World, completing quests, defeating creatures, and exploring will award players with NFT collectible items that can be used, sold, and upgraded.

Those were some functions of the game. But you may prefer to explore other worlds. Some may like to ride a camel crossing the Sahara Desert, meet new people, and have small talk with friends while traveling. 

Others will only focus on quests, but how about creating their quests in their own World. Possibilities will be unlimited.

That’s the true vision. Everyone coming and working together to create something unique, something that will last for generations.

Ring World. The Hub of Genesis Worlds Metaverse. Image Source: Genesis Worlds Website.

Defi, Gaming, NFTs, & The Metaverse

Genesis Worlds sits at the intersection of NFTs, DeFi, gaming, and the Metaverse. Each one with the potential of reaching $100 Billion in the market or bigger. 

No one from the Directors, Investors, or Founders will earn a single penny from the project. Instead, they will reinvest everything back into the ecosystem for creating an RPG gaming Metaverse that will grow and evolve.


The internet is a wonderful place, as Genesis says. The community is made up of a vast range of creators, developers, and more. Everyone with their own experience and skill to deliver a game that is out of this World.

Genesis will provide small groups with equipment. Those small groups may be game development students, artists, or just random people like you and me.


Building a strong relationship and culture with the community is the #1 priority. While the project grows, now is the time for you to get involved and make a difference. As Genesis says, the three pillars of the culture are Creativity, Collaboration, and Inclusion.

Treasury planet
Treasury Planet in Genesis Worlds Metaverse. Image Source: Genesis Worlds Website.


With the Genesis Hub site now, everyone from the community can propose whatever he wishes to change inside or outside the Metaverse. Governance will be run by the Genesis Foundation, a non-profit organization, and will ensure funds for community projects.


Genesis Worlds uses the Genesis Token (ERC-20), which will be used for governing, powering the economy, and Mining Claims.

Each World will be represented by a group of Mining Claims, each represented by a 3d model of the World itself.

Genesis tokens are the priority and core of the Metaverse. The tokens will be used for everything within the Metaverse, buying, selling, staking, accessing private events, and being a part of the game itself.

Mining Genesis tokens will be possible. However, only users that own Mining Claims (erc1155 NFTs) will be able to do that. The more you possess, the more you generate.

AREA 51 Planet in Genesis Worlds Metaverse. Image Source: Genesis Worlds Website.

Fair Launch 

All distributions of tokens are done using a fair launch model, with no tokens set aside for the team, investors, advisors, whales, exchange, and more.

The only way to acquire Genesis, Mining Claims, or Land is to pay the market price or stake Game Credits for Genesis.

The only groups that will receive Genesis are the world owners, the governance, and the foundation, to ensure a smooth market for Genesis.

Note: There will be no under-the-table deals or favors to fellow friends or investors.

Staking GAME for Genesis Tokens. Image taken from website.

Ways of earning Genesis: 

  • Farm (stake GAME in the farming contract)
  • Mine (Possessing Mining Claims)
  • Governance Stake (Staking Genesis in the governance portal)

Given the amount of GAME available, the limit on the number of Worlds, and the bonding curves, the expected total supply of Genesis created over the first 100 years is 1 billion Genesis.

We also have to mention that every NFT (in-game item) that will be sold will be 90% of the purchase, which will go to the creator or owner, while the other 10% will go to the foundation to fund continued development.


The Roadmap is not yet fully announced, but it is divided into 5 phases.

Phase 0 (Q3-Q4, 2021)

This phase is all about getting set up, and launching the core pieces of the Genesis ecosystem: Contracts, Community, and Mining Claims.

  • Smart contracts & core tech
  • Genesis Hub
  • Genesis community kickoff
  • Gallery World 3d experience
  • Mining Claim sale

Phase 1: Pre-Production (Q1-Q2, 2022)

This phase marks the start of prototyping and pre-production, and serious community involvement in game, content, and tools development.

  • Gameplay exploration & prototyping
  • Game dev tools pre-production
  • Creator recruitment
  • First governance votes
  • Build content – history, lore, 3d models, and much, much more

Phase 3: Tools & Content

This phase marks the start of operations for the Genesis Foundation, and the start of full game pre-production, with funding flowing from the Genesis Foundation for the first time. We’ll start to see a meaningful ramp-up in the number and quality of playable experiences.

  • Genesis Foundation in place
  • Core Dev Team recruited
  • Significant advances in game dev tooling
  • Game production begins
  • Playable world experiences are released

Phase 3: Full Production

This phase marks the creator economy coming into full force, and the first multiplayer and multi-world experiences launching.

  • Genesis Land sales begin
  • Game production continues

Phase 4: Live Operations

This phase marks the broad launch of Genesis as a viable mobile and desktop gaming experience.

  • Genesis launches on mobile & desktop
  • Game development will never end

The Planets Sale Going Live January 18th.

On January 18, 2022, three planets will become available for mining claims. Keep in mind the longer you hold the mining claim (land,) the more the rewards will be.

All Mining Claims in the first three planets will mine 3,324 GENESIS ($705.81) over the next year, with an APR of 886.90%. The planets are the following:

  • The Nexus. Central hub for the Genesis Worlds Metaverse. New players will spawn here and headquarters for many organizations.
  • The Treasury Planet. Complete quests, build your own ships and steal gold from other players.
  • The NEO Tokyo. This is the mecca of Cyberpunks. High technology and real punks. A place of hackers and outlaws.

Visit Genesis Worlds website.

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