🎙️ Genesis Worlds Interview With CEO Jason Cassidy

Genesis World Interview With CEO Jason Cassidy

This week we hosted Jason Cassidy, CEO of Game Credits and Genesis Worlds Metaverse.

Mr. Cassidy is an OG cryptocurrency user who established Canada’s first Bitcoin consultant agency in 2013 and the first gaming token, Game Credits in February 2014.

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Find below the key takes of the interview.

What is Genesis Worlds?

Genesis Worlds is an upcoming Metaverse that combines the good elements from all the existing Metaverse projects. The development team took a lot of time studying projects like The Sandbox, Decentraland, Somnium Space and Second Life.

The Genesis Worlds will be considered as a Metaverse 2.0 which is going to be a lot of things, including a game. Individuals will be able to engage in commerce as well as rewarding quest systems. The are going to be multiple theme worlds including a Bitcoin world, a Doge world totaling 24 worlds.

Getting Land in Genesis Worlds.

The mining claim sale will arrive by the end of December or early January in the form of ERC-1155 which will passively earn you Genesis tokens for 100 years. Each mining claim can be redeemed for a parcel of land.

Building in the Metaverse.

The upcoming scenery builder will be easy to use for every user. Players will be able to develop anything they want including monetization activities and more. The builder will be ready a couple of months before the launch of the game. The goal is to feel comfortable with the builder within the first 10 minutes.

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