Gods Unchained Marketplace is Now Live

Gods Unchained Marketplace is available for everyone after the tokenization of more than 6 million NFT’s. It’s worth to mention that these are more NFTs than any other game in the history of Ethereum and by doing it in batches, there was no congestion, as it happened with CryptoKitties in 2017.

Gods Unchained is one of the most popular crypto games, if not the most popular one with thousands of users playing the beta version. Gamers experience stunning graphics and well-designed gameplay with PVP battles based on the Ethereum blockchain. As a TCG, it’s similar to the popular  Magic: The Gathering and Blizzard’s Hearthstone. While playing, you can earn cards on the blockchain in the form of NFT’s (Non-Fungible Tokens). These cards are truly owned by players to use them in the game or sell them for a fair profit and that’s why the Gods Unchained Marketplace was so highly anticipated by the blockchain gaming community.

Furthermore, Gods Unchained aims to create the biggest championship in Blockchain gaming. Until now, the prize pool has raised over $540,000 out of $1,6M which is the target goal. Considering the high daily volume and the number of active players, as well as companies that are investing in the game such as Coinbase, Gods Unchained definitely seems to have the means to accomplish that target.

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The Gods Unchained Marketplace

Gods Unchained Marketplace

In the Marketplace (accessible through the in-game interface), users can experience a regular rotation and highlights of recent listings, popular items, and top sellers. Even more, by using the search bar users can find instantly the exact NFT they are looking for.

In order to proceed with a transaction, an Ethereum wallet like Metamask is necessary. Simply add your desired item to your cart and click checkout in order to proceed to the secure Immutable Webpage. Accept the payment with your wallet and your card will show up in your Inventory after a bit.

Sell Your Extra Cards & or Start The Fusion Proccess

The cards you are selling will appear in the Trader section. You can access “The Trader” on the navigation bar by clicking the special icon. In the future development of the marketplace, you will be able to sell decks, trinkets, boards, and cosmetics.

While prices are determined by the open market, each player can sell at any price he wants to. One good selling strategy could be to do a quick research about the price of the same card in the marketplace before listing it. That way you will ensure that you wouldn’t sell it for less of its value or even list it at a higher price and never find a buyer eventually. You can edit the price any time you want as long as no-one has clicked to purchase the item yet.

One other function that you definitely have to keep in mind is the “Fusing”. By fusing duplicates you can upgrade the quality of your card and as a result, the market value also increases.

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