Hash Rush Halloween Event: Spooky & Mysterious Legendary Rewards

Hash Rush Halloween Event
Hash Rush Halloween Event
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Haloween has taken over the Hermenian galaxy, Ernacks, workers any mythical creatures are dusting off spooky costumes, are you scared yet?

The upcoming blockchain game Hash Rush is

Gamers can now explore their planets and discover spooky rewards, including legendary prizes for the participants. What are you waiting for? Terrifying quests are waiting for your Ernacks.

The Hash Rush Halloween event will run until November 4th, there are three different bounty challenges, each one lasting for two days.

Hunting Mutant Pumpkins

Pumpkins are all over your planet and not only! An orange looking vegetable someone called “Pumpkin” is all over the place, we are not sure if it’s a real pumpkin suitable for consumption, but your curious Ernacks will gladly collect them. The more pumpkins you gather through your undiscovered parts of your planet, the more prizes you will unlock.

Hash Rush: The Gem of Blockchain Gaming

Rewarding Social Media Interaction

Make sure you hit that print screen button on your keyboard as you play Hash Rush during the Halloween event. Mysterious special prizes that are not available through in-game rewards will be distributed from the Hash Rush team to whoever uploads screenshots from the event on Twitter and Instagram.

Upload your ghoulish adventures and use #HashRush & #Halloween hashtags, also don’t forget to tag the official Hash Rush account!

The social media rewards promo will lust until the Halloween event ends.

Bounty Challenges

Three awesome bounty challengers are available right now in the Hermenian galaxy. Players have the opportunity to claim exclusive, never-seen-before skins! Rewards will be distributed based on your mining efficient and leaderboard placement.

The first challenge which ends today, 29/10 will offer the above skins for the participants.

Challenge 1: 27th–29th

Players can get rewarded with the following skins.

Master: Red Skin
Grandmaster: Black/Green Skin
Epic: Tiger Skin
Legendary: ???

Rewards for the first bounty challenge in Hash Rush Halloween event
Rewards for the first bounty challenge in Hash Rush Halloween event

Challenge 2: 30th-1st

The second bounty challenge will reward the players with the following skins,

Master: Green Skin
Grandmaster: White/Yellow Skin
Epic: Cheetah Skin
Legendary: ???

Rewards for the first bounty challenge in Hash Rush Halloween event
Rewards for the second bounty challenge in Hash Rush Halloween event

Challenge 3: 2nd-4th

The third challenge will offer the above skins.

Master: Yellow Skin
Grandmaster: White/Pink Skin
Epic: Giraffe Skin
Legendary: ???

Rewards for the third bounty challenge in Hash Rush Halloween event
Rewards for the third bounty challenge in Hash Rush Halloween event

As you noticed, the Legendary tier rewards are not yet published, in case you are curious to see how its like, go win them your self or explore Hash Rush social media channels for a chance to see a preview.

What is Hash Rush?

Featured numerous times in various portals as one of the best upcoming blockchain games.

The free-to-playreal-time strategy blockchain game is all about building and evolving a colony in your own planet while overcoming a number of difficulties.

Hash Rush is in alpha stage with an overwhelming community. The beta phase will begin in December with 10,000 players.

Support Hash Rush on IndieGoGo

Currently, the game is available for backing from all the interested players. The Hash Rush Indiegogo campaign has a lot of benefits to offer for every backer, for the price of a regular console/pc game (50$) you can get the Silver Defender Badge which includes unique skinsbooster packsvoting rights and much more.

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