HEX World, The Newest ENJ Game by Ruined Canvas

Hex-World Multiverse Blockchain Game

Hex World is the newest game coming to the ENJ platform. HEX World is described as a competitive free-to-play multiplayer strategy game featuring blockchain-based worlds. Gamers will be able to battle each other and collect items usable in multiple Multiverse games.

The alpha-version is playable, check it here.

The company behind HexWorld is Ruined Canvas. They decided to utilize the Enjin’s Blockchain technology and integrate ENJ Backed assets within multiple worlds in the HEX World galaxy. Players can obtain powerful runes by exploring new areas and craft new characters, rulebook or even entirely new worlds.

Using the Enjin Platform and ERC-1155 token standard, Ruined Canvas also plans to host user-generated blockchain items in the free-to-play game.

Players are able to own entire worlds including everything in it, based on the a32-byte Ethereum token ID. In the upcoming Beta release, the players will be able to travel through in-game worlds and galaxies 

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In the game’s upcoming Beta release, players will be able to move through multiple worlds and galaxies, all of them ERC-1155 tokens with a minumum value in ENJ coins.

Each galaxy will contain 32 Genesis Relics, a powerful seed the galaxy was created from, backed by ENJ coins. Owners of the Genesis Relics will ultimately determine the fate of the galaxy, with the power to decide how items, worlds, and other ENJ-backed rewards will be distributed among the players within it.

Join the Hex World Discord channel and receive one of the 600 MFT available. Only for the first to join.

HEX World is equipped with 4 different forms of gameplay: Exploring, Crafting, Battling, and Trading. All form of battles and trading can be done in both owned and unowned worlds. Ruined Canvas is building, in addition, the Market Worlds, a place where players can engage and trade with peace of mind.

Alpha footage Hex World Multiverse Game

A player in Hex World is called Geomancer, the most powerful ones wield unique lootable, tradeable, and crafted spells called Hexes. Hexes are infinitive and unique in the same time, providing each player an inventory that no other player can possibly duplicate.

In Hex World, players will be able to breed, train and battle powerful Dragon pets. Dragons are also used to travel within worlds, they come with unique abilities and a rune associated with it.

A step further to make the experience for non-crypto gamers smoother is taken by HEX World. The game will operate just like an ordinary game, meaning that all content is stored within the central servers. Once the player feels ready to own the desired item on the blockchain, the ascent option becomes available and it can be stored in the Enjin Wallet, the most advanced mobile cryptocurrency wallet for gamers and holders. Eventually, the players will be able to freely trade their items, use them in multiple games or hold them forever.

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Users can also create their very own ERC-1155 blockchain items by submitting an order through the Enjin Mintshop.

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