How Reewardio is Revolutionizing & Gamifying Rewards With Blockchain

Rewards and loyalty points is a sector that can be enhanced using blockchain technology in ways we haven’t imagine before. Surely, blockchain is not a fit for every industry but when it comes to rewarding loyal customers and engaged users, it makes perfect sense to use Reewardio’s technology to improve user engagement and experience across almost all industries.

Reewardio was born from professionals who have been working for, and with, the leading gaming blockchain, Enjin Coin. It makes sense to use Enjin’s tech due to the ERC-1155 token standard which allows anyone to create blockchain-assets and back them with ENJ Tokens. This feature provides a base value that can be later retrieved my melting the asset. It’s basically cryptocurrencies inside a tokenized asset on the blockchain and when you combine a lot of them, you get a gamified experience that rewards customers for participation!

The first use case of Reewardio’s technology is Kriptomat. A regulated European exchange that achieved the astonishing amount of 1,700% in revenue increase! The video below explains the process.

In this article, i will explain how Reewardio’s services will work and why retailers, website and pretty much any kind of business can use it to increase user retention, engagement, and revenue.

The Builder

As the title suggests, the Builder is the main function of Reewardio platform that allows everyone to use their service and offer blockchain-based rewards.

The development of the platform continues in fast-paced mode and today we will present you the first look of it. Bounty: Launching November

The image below is a mock-up but it gives us the first impression on how Reewardio’s tech will work. Without having to write a single line of code, anyone can use it without hassle.

The platform showcases two main things:

  • How powerful blockchain rewards can be—and why you should use them.
  • A fun bounty platform that promotes Enjin and the Gaming Multiverse.

Welcome RIO – The Multiverse Bounty Coin

Rio will be the primary currency within Bounty. In the future, you will be able to enter giveaways, purchase tokens and receive Rio.

Rio is a generational coin, it means that it’s minted in sets, just like FIAT currencies. It can be used on games, items, and discounts.

Starting with, the first generation of RIO tokens will be 1,000,000 in supply with its inscription of 2019.001.

The first wave or Rio tokens will have a historical significance over the rest batches.

Every holder of “The Dawn” and “Enjin MFT” have received 100 Rio to their wallets at the time of writing this article.

Take a moment to think of this, Reewardio basically airdropped “money” into people’s wallets, a great marketing tool that any business can use! Congratulations to the owners!


You will soon be able to use these tokens in Bounty (and anywhere else that chooses to accept them).

If your wallet hasn’t been blessed by “The Dawn”—grab it here.

The ENJ HUNT offers $5000 in ENJ!

Once the Bounty launches, you will be able to use your RIO to spin the ENJ Hunt Wheel! Receive tokens, complete sets and get one of the fifty Ingots that contains 1,000 $ENJ. It’s worth to mention that there will be 1600 crafting resources.

There are six ENJ-themed tokens to collect from ENJ HUNT:

  • ENJ: Consumer Trust (500 Supply)
  • ENJ: Certified Authenticity (500 Supply)
  • ENJ: Tangibility (250 Supply)
  • ENJ: Anti-Inflation (250 Supply)
  • ENJ: Real-World Value (50 Supply)
  • ENJ: Asset Scarcity (50 Supply)

I guess you have already noticed the names of the tokens. They are all named after the core values of Enjin Token!

Upon collecting all 6 tokens, you will be able to use them to craft an ENJ Ingot:

An ENJ Ingot is a block of 1,000 $ENJ (digital gold) that can be melted down and used to create the most technologically advanced digital assets in the world—ERC-1155 tokens.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Reewardio has established partnerships with some of the biggest names in blockchain gaming, including and The reewardio Multiverse assets will be playable in multiple partnered games!

Multiverse Integration: Launching Q1

Once Bounty launches, you will be able to take part in the giveaway and win some in-game assets that will be playable in various games, including Forgotten Artifacts.

Joining the Bounty portal, you will immediately receive some Rio tokens through a quest that provides bounties! Notably, some quests will be also integrated into real games!

Forgotten Artifacts Integration

Forgotten Artifacts is a prime example of blockchain gaming innovation and the first game that joins Reewardio platform. You will be able to play the “Reward Rounds” and collect inventory through the Forgotten Artifacts game.

Right after Forgotten Artifacts, more Multiverse games will follow, allowing them to offer blockchain-based rewards in real life.

Reewardio SDK (REST API) for Websites, Games and Apps

Reewardio is building a REST API SDK to communicate with external platforms. This allows games, platforms, websites, and any business to integrate their services.

The SDK allows any project to sync their rewards, quests, discounts and everything else with any other project that uses, resulting into a huge multiverse of connected games, applications, websites, and retail shops!

Multiverse Quest from Reewardio

Quests are going to great! Player’s will be able to jump from game to game and collect crafting materials in order to craft in-game assets and more! Easy to follow quests with great rewards and easy tracking through the platform, Reewardio becomes the perfect platform to connect all of Enjin’s adopters. Builder: Launching Q2

The Builder will be a self-serve rewards CMS (Content Management System) that anyone can use to create their own platform. Anyone can mint their own rewards, easily, with a few buttons.

The process will be nice and simple:

There are going to be 3 packages available:

  • The Essential Package: $65 USD per month.
  • The Premiere Package: $295 USD per month.
  • The Ultimate Package: $995 USD per month.

Wordpress Extension

The Wordpress Extension will be a mass hit. 75 million websites are using wordpress to serve content and this plug-in will offer great futures for every website owner.

Users will be automatically rewarded for in-site actions and purchases. Think of it, people share your content and they get rewarded with blockchain-based assets. That’s incredible!

In addition, Reewardio will offer integrations for Shopify, Ebay, Wix, Squarespace and Social media giants like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Telegram.

Profit From Reewardio!

Make sure you join the giveaway! 12x Subscription Tokens are available, valued at 995$ each!

  1. Receive subscription tokens.
  2. Sell them on the Enjin Marketplace.

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