Illuvium Is Looking For Private Beta Players

Illuvium Private Beta Registration

Illuvium Private Beta registration is finally here after postponing the launch back in August 2021..

Illuvium is offering players the chance to participate in its Private Beta by registering on its website. You’ll have to fill out an application which will be reviewed, and then decide if you are eligible to join.

The Beta will begin soon, with a few player’s invites, and last as long as needed. The game hasn’t disclosure how many beta players are going to be, but we guess that there will be a huge amount of players in the waiting list given the fact its one of the most anticipated games.

What can you do in the Beta?

It will focus on PvE survival, without PvP Battles, and only available to play on PC.

Battles will be the main feature of the Beta, fighting challenging waves of bots while surviving. The game will differ every now and then, and the mode will reset. Players will also compete on Leaderboard rankings. Of course, submitting feedback and reporting bugs will also be a part of the Beta stage.  

What is Illuvium

Illuvium is an open-world, role-playing game built on the foundations of the Ethereum blockchain with the L2 Immutable X handling the NFT marketplace and distribution. The Layer 2 (L2) solution uses ZK-rollups to scale with instant transactions, zero gas fees and carbon neutral input.

Players travel far and wide in perilous journeys across unforgiving landscapes to hunt down and capture Illuvials and together with these creatures, players need to look for clues, search for answers and discover what caused the cataclysmic destruction that drastically altered the world. 

With over 100 unique Illuvials out there with different attributes, traits, powers, classes, and abilities, the game has enough depth to keep players occupied for countless hours because they can upgrade these Illuvials and even combine two of them to create a better one.

There is limitless potential for experimentation as players explore uncharted territories in a beautiful but untamed world and as they mix and match Illuvials to build a powerful team, they can challenge and fight against other players in strategic battles. 

Aside from these PVP battles where players can earn ILV tokens that they can convert to real money and spend outside the game, players can also store and collect Illuvials on Shards which hold the essence of these mighty creatures and ca be traded in the marketplace.

Visit Illuvium website and signup for the private beta.

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