Immutable and Ubisoft Unite to Create a New Web3 Gaming Experience

Immutable and Ubisoft Unite to Create a New Web3 Gaming Experience

Immutable has announced an exciting collaboration with Ubisoft, the famous video game developer and publisher. This partnership aims to create a new gaming experience that will further unlock the potential of web3. Immutable is known for its dedication to enhancing digital ownership for gamers, while Ubisoft, through its Strategic Innovation Lab, is exploring the realms of decentralization.

The collaboration’s initial phase focuses on how both entities will merge their proficiencies. Ubisoft plans to utilize its extensive experience in creating high-quality video games, complementing Immutable’s expansive ecosystem, technological prowess, and expertise in pioneering the web3 gaming platform. This synergy is expected to unlock new possibilities in the gaming sector, offering players an unprecedented digital experience.

Leaders’ Perspectives on the Partnership

Nicolas Pouard, the Vice-President of Ubisoft’s Strategic Innovation Lab and Head of its Blockchain Initiative, expressed excitement about the collaboration. He praised Immutable for its advanced technology and skill in integrating decentralized technologies into games seamlessly. Pouard looks forward to creating a gaming experience where players can concentrate solely on the enjoyment of the game, free from any complexities. See Nicolas’s full quote here!

Similarly, James Ferguson, CEO and Co-Founder of Immutable, regards the partnership with Ubisoft as a significant milestone. He is enthusiastic about exploring the benefits of web3 and digital ownership with Ubisoft, and is committed to leveraging Immutable’s ecosystem to ensure the success of this joint venture. Ferguson is confident that this collaboration will lead to the creation of a unique gaming experience that players will cherish. See James’s full quote here!

A Milestone in Immutable’s Journey

This partnership marks another significant achievement for Immutable, following the successful TestNet launch of their zk roll-up gaming solution, Immutable zkEVM, and impressive game demonstrations of flagship titles such as Guild of Guardians, Metalcore, Shardbound, and Infinite Victory.

In summary, the partnership between Immutable and Ubisoft is set to bring a fresh wave of innovation to the gaming world, combining the strengths of both companies to create a frictionless, enjoyable web3 gaming experience.