Legends Reborn Venue Presale Coming Tomorrow January 26th.

Legends Reborn, Something Legendary

The newest Gala Games addition was voted in by the node operators and it’s now getting ready for its first land presale taking place tomorrow, Wednesday 26th, 2022.

Legends Rebornย is a collectible card game (CCG) created byย Kung Fu Factoryย and powered byย Gala Games. Players collect cards and build decks alongside creatures helping you progress in a world full of surprises and treasures.

Strategy, reward systems, and gameplay will take Legends Reborn to the next level while exploring the world of Tolkhiem.

The endless combination of cards and the different elements each offers will contribute to successful and fun gameplay. The creatures will serve as the core of your deck, followed by action cards used for general and signature attacks, customizing your unique deck fitting your playstyle.

The Play-To-Earn Mechanism

Warriors fighting on the Arenas of Tolkhiem will be rewarded fairly. Players will earn rewards on battle versus other players and other feats accomplished. Unlike other games, you won’t be awarded for each match, but winning one will increase the potential of your daily rewards, returning every day to collect.

Arena Owner

Players have the possibility to own an Arena, meaning Venue Ownership.

As a Venue Owner, you’ll experience the benefits of hosting matches while receiving rewards for every battle taking place in your Venue.

The most successful and ambitious Venue owners can expand their reach and eventually own an entire Realm, which in turn entitles them to a share of rewards from any Venue within their territory.

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Legends Reborn Art Source: Legends Reborn Medium

The Venue Owner Game

Owning a Venue will almost feel like a game of its own. Of course, there will be ways for owners to expand and customize their Venue to gain more significant rewards based on the Venue’s success, giving them the feeling of business establishment in real life. Customizations in both aesthetics and gameplay will also utilize your Venues alongside decorative NFTs that can be purchased will be welcomed in your Venue.

Determination is the key in the game of Legends Reborn. Anyone can win, and everyone can lose based on the determination for success.

Legends Reborn Venue Presale

The first land presale will take on Wednesday, 1/26, where a limited amount of Venues will be available in 6 different rarities while more details will be released in the coming day. To learn the exact time of the sale, sign-up for a free Gala Account.

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