MegaCryptoPolis Released New Updates

It started as a humble 2D game on the Ethereum network and evolves into a 3D City simulation game with endless possibilities. The progress of MegaCryptoPolis can’t go unnoticed as its one of the older blockchain games with non-spot development. Players can become business owners, taxi drivers, or even district owners, it’s up to them, and their pocket!

New Building Adjustments

New building roles are going to be introduced with the Microeconomy upgrade with a number of significant updates. Players will be able to adjust their buildings prior to the main 3D Launch without having to pay any additional fees or Gas (ETH).

If you own buildings in the game, head over to the MegaCryptoPolis 3D Demo, choose your land plots and click the change button. Each building has its own characteristics, make sure you read the final version of the Draft Book for all the details.

New Switching Types

The well-established functional zoning is working like a charm due to the organic participation of the community. Hundreds of ETH are spent to form districts as they are until today and that determines the Influence Points, which is highly connected with the land plot market place.

Players can’t change their buildings types to whatever they want to unless they demolish them. This could disrupt the economy in a way nobody wants to but with the new update, switching from Mining and Energy buildings to Energy and Industrial is an option.

Worth to mention that all the land plots will become available as ERC-721 tokens that can be traded on OpenSea.

MegaCryptoPolis is working hard to make the 3D client lightweight, the new overlay feature makes it easier to navigate and the progress made so far with the new client is exceptional.

Local Packs Sold Out

You have still time to get Generation A citizens, but the cheapest packs have been sold out! A lot of players rushed to obtain presale packs from MCP, Each pack sold raises the price by 0.15–0.25%.

  • Local Packs — 2500 SOLD OUT
  • Urban — 2250 with only 1501 left at the moment
  • Mayor — 1500 and 1119 left
  • Federal — 1250 with only 986 left

Purchasing packs in bulk or spending more than 5 ETH will give you significant bonuses, Read more about the presale.


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