Meltelbrot #29 – Massive giveaway to go undercover with a Global Guerilla – Wandering Tradesmith.

Today I’m chatting with one of the top 3 poster contributors for the recent successful Global Guerrilla Founders Mission run by This campaign proved to be a massive hit with the community. So far more than 5000 posters have been shared in 30 plus countries!!! And it’s still going…

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It was truly an amazing effort and lived up to its name as both guerrilla and global! Well done George from for taking charge and making something great happen, with the invaluable support from Enjin, the Multiverse Brotherhood, and numerous Enjin powered blockchain game developers. Collab is where it’s at!

But tbh all this couldn’t have been done without the dedicated fans of Enjin, so let’s hear from one of the most dedicated – Wandering Tradesmith MvB.

Before we get to that, as always, there’s a giveaway happening associated to the interview….and it’s a big one!!! To help kick things off leading to 1 year anniversary (woot woot – well done George on the milestone!!), we’ve organised a GiveLab for some sweet competition party packs for all you dedicated Global Guerrillas and fans. Personally, I’d like to thank everyone who read the articles, and the many that take the time to DM or mention they’ve enjoyed it in the channels. It’s moments like these that help keep the fire in my Enjin belly. So if you all keep reading, and Meltelbrot is still delivering interesting insights that you won’t find elsewhere, then I’ll be here. Life is just a code, waiting to be cracked 😉

Wandering Tradesmith

Thanks for taking some time out from your tinkerings Wandering Tradesmith to chat about all things GG (Global Guerrillas). In all seriousness though – top effort! There was a lot of people doing this so to stand on the podium is to be commended. But before we get into how you got there, I always like to ask – what’s your background in gaming and/or game development?

My background is solely in gaming, not a developer here.  Ever since I was a kid, watching my cousin play Super Mario on the NES, I’ve been hooked.  Since then, I’ve danced between life as a casual and hardcore gamer on consoles and Android.  Leaning mostly toward MMORPGs.  Today though, I’m almost exclusively an Android gamer since mobile phone games are, well, more mobile and fit my current lifestyle better.

There were so many great contestants in the competition.  I also participated in the Investigator mission, looking for duplicates, but I often ended up mesmerized with how far reaching the GG event was.  People literally from all over the world. It created opportunities for a lot of people.  I heard that one of the Enjin MFT winners was able to pay for their next semester of university by selling the reward.  Personally, it gave me my start in the Multiverse for which I will always be grateful.

That’s pretty sweet, even sweeter if it was to study game development ha Now to your efforts, how many posters did you get out there?

I think I placed 239 posters around two different cities in Colorado, USA.  This put me in second place, so close to first!  I really enjoyed having an excuse to walk around town, talk to people about Enjin, and feature some local areas/shops in the photos.  I had some fun ones too, a statue where it looks like the dad is telling a kid about the poster or one that I put up on a huge billboard for the hell of it.  I had a lot of fun with it.

If I don’t use it – I’ll just sell or melt 🙂
A gem amongst the others!

A QR that actually gives you something is pretty unique. Enjin Beam.

That must have been quite the task! Can you give us all a little run down on how you achieved so many? What was your process?

Absolutely!  The process was very simple.  With only 3 days to do it, I targeted high traffic areas and spoke to a whole bunch of business owners to place my poster in their windows.  While walking between the businesses, I placed posters in random other spots in a sort of obvious treasure hunt style.  My wife helped me a lot, she did all the taping and I did all the talking.

Shout out to your wife, who sounds like she did all the work ha 😉 What did you win for your efforts?

I won the Enjin MFT (alongside 39 others)!  It was a major giveaway as you know.  I also received a 6 Dragons MFT and will soon receive one of the 12 Nemesis shirts!  I should mention that the Global Guerrillas competition is still on with the Franky, Smokie, and Stormy token missions – so it’s not too late to get in on the action!

You might have a fight on your hands for the T-shirt, I think your wife could make a good case it’s hers! Since the campaign, I’ve seen you more engaged with the overall community and you’re now wearing the MvB symbol with pride. In your mind, what is it about this community that evokes such desire to get involved and help out?

Yup!  After winning second place, I reached out to the Multiverse Brotherhood (MvB) and leveraged a position in the guild.  That was huge for me.  As you know, the MvB have set a high standard for respect, trust, and integrity among the Enjin community; they’re among the most serious Enjin veterans that I’ve found.  They even have MvB multiverse items (ENJ Joker)! So you know they are an established group within the community.  A lot of the guys in there have contributed in huge ways to the Enjin ecosystem – such as creating the Sky Vault raffle, the Token Oasis trading site, and even a few Enjin games themselves.

ENJ JokerMVB Multiverse ItemAnother great collab!

It’s the dedication of all these awesome people that inspired me to get involved and help out with projects where I could.  The Enjin community itself, outside of the MvB, is equally inspiring to me.  Creation going on everywhere you look.  A sense of comradery and respect can be felt among all the people involved.  Like the games have already begun, even though most of the games are still in their infancy.  There’s also a lot of exciting opportunities just waiting for someone, anyone really.  It’s this sense of a new world that attracts me, maybe it also attracts others.  A new world with multiple worlds blended into one Multiverse, seamlessly, with a Monolith worth some serious money hidden somewhere.

Having been involved in the first mission, do you recommend others getting onboard for the remaining missions? What’s the best part of being involved in something bigger than the individual?

Absolutely man!  From an asset hunter perspective, the rewards are massive. First place gets a SixDragons MFT and a Tony T-Shirt.  Only four of those Tony’s will ever exist you know.  Second place gets the Age of Rust MFT and a Nemesis shirt (we could be matching!). I heard recently that the AoR MFT will give token holders clues to the Monolith quest line in AoR.  That’s up for grabs you guys, a clue book to the Monolith.  I still need one of those, now that I think of it.

Outside of rewards, it gives you a chance to get started in the community and learn what it’s all about.  The guys over at are great, as you well know!

Speaking for being a part of something bigger, and the feelings involved.  It’s like this, we are all stars.  If you looked up in the night sky and there was only one star, it would be a dark night. But when you look and see all the stars, they shine brighter together, and the night is illuminated.  So, we’re those stars Meltelbrot, you and me.  And in that metaphor, I guess Enjin coin would be the moon! =p

Ha cool! And it all grew upon the fabric of Enjin Coin;) How did you find about Enjin btw, was it through the GG campaign?

I first learned about Enjin after coming across the .sdk on Unity.  I thought, “wow, this is a really cool concept and super streamlined for developers.”  Then I learned of the quest for The Monolith, the existence of the Multiverse, the Multiverse Brotherhood, and finally the Enjin MFT (Multiverse Founder’s Token) asset.  Searching for the Enjin MFT led me to the Global Guerrillas with about three days left on the competition.

You’d probably be someone that has a better idea than most, is there anything you’d recommend to improve on what has been already delivered with GG?

I loved the Global Guerrilas World Map, it’s freaking awesome seeing all the places that people posted photos in.  I kind of forget from time to time how global this community is.  The prizes are on point for all the competitions and is a great place to get started in the Multiverse.  I’d say the QR code from the poster could be distributed across the Telegram channels, like a QR beam.  That might be fun.  Or if the mission token featured a Fibonacci style giveaway like what Kingdom Karnage recently did, incentivizing people to pass the mission tokens along.  These are just random ideas.  The Global Guerrialls is an awesome project, it honestly exceeded all my expectations.

Ok a couple of quick shot q’s – what’s your favourite Enjin powered game and why?

Spirit Clash.  100%.  They did a presale and credit card payments glitched on them, all money was sent back after MFT distribution.  Instead of flipping out, threatening to hold MFT drops, they asked for people to repay and then said they wouldn’t hunt anyone down.  That shows they work well under pressure and are truly building the game on some deep fundamentals of trust.  They were even still giving away Virtue Founder’s Tokens (VFT) for free during this time as giveaways.  Admirable traits shown to say the least. 

The game itself features beautiful artwork, broad multiverse item support, a great group of devs behind the scenes, and they’ve implemented some very ingenious marketing tactics with their VFTs.  Plus, the project was backed by the Enjin Spark Program, so you know it’s worthy of something.

Shadowsong – Forged with the soul of a Dragon.

What’s your favourite Multiverse item and why?

I’ll be honest, I just got my first Multiverse items today!  An Aeoneclipse Key, Archspire, and Oindrasdain.  I’m gunning for a Shadowsong next!

It’ll be great to see what these multiverse items evolve to do! But until then, where too next for the Wandering Tradesmith? Are you getting involved with the other missions still open?

I’ll be wandering in the direction of the Monolith, but Age of Rust isn’t my jam.  Those devs and their puzzles are way too crafty for me.  So, the Monolith may be out of my reach for now, but I’ll be tracking the competition.  I’m sure the path will lead into another game soon enough.  (It was released recently that AoR contains the first path to the Monolith, in case anyone missed it.)

As for the other missions, I’ve already completed submissions for both Franky and Stormy.  Stormy seemed easiest to me.  Franky was just fun, talking to people about Enjin is always a blast.  But Smokie is taking me some time.  Create a multiverse item?  That’s huge!! 

Yeah definitely, a multiverse item is probably going to be the goal of many I reckon. Who wouldn’t want to create one! So you must have been thinking of something then?

My item? The first Sunglasses of the Multiverse!!  Fayzers.  “When Nothing Makes Sense”

Born of this world and other worlds simultaneously, a tangible item emerged as a digital item, fully functioning in all worlds.  Intricately connected in the seamless web of the Multiverse.  With lore from the Smokie mission card and plans to release collectable artwork based on smokie’s favourite past time, smoking.  These sunglasses are the real deal.

The design is a personal original, a modern take on a classic style ?  The shades have already been crafted, authenticity tokens are being designed, airdrops and giveaways are being planned, and the item may soon be in front of some devs for true Multiverse functionality (thanks to the Stormy mission).

Whoever DMs me on Telegram, June 27th, will get an invite to a special channel where more information on the Multiverse Sunglasses will be revealed.  People I’ve come across in my wanderings will also be personally invited.  I’m excited to share my creations with such an amazing community.  You guys all are rockstars, and rockstars deserve good sunglasses that nobody else has ?

Thanks for having me on!

Good Luck to all you Global Guerrillas out there, keep up the fight.

And best of luck to you and your mission 🙂 Thanks for taking the time out to chat about your journey and dreams and I can’t wait to see the Fayzers. Love a good pair of shades, and thanks for throwing a pair into the prize pack. Having us all collaborate and share is how Enjin will become the number 1 platform for gaming development. Should others wish to join the journey please follow the channels below. We are all stronger working together!! Also don’t forget to enter the Givelab competition to try and win some cool prizes! Melt out 🙂

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