Meltelbrot #33 – Ether Legends – A card game two years in the making and ready for Enjin mainnet. MFT sale tomorrow, so everything you need to know is here – Big article. Big title….big deal…your call;)

Today I’m chatting with Curran Mulvihill, Co-founder of Ether Legends, who have recently announced their integration with Enjin and its powerful ERC-1155 standard. They have a white paper but as you read on, you will find they are much further progressed than many other projects. They are now ready to go, and along with many other game developers are excitedly waiting for Enjin mainnet public release. Really soon is the word;)

The game itself is an Ethereum based collectible trading card game, and I’ve followed this one for a little while due to its brilliant art work, and collab with Cryptonom. Loved it so much, I actually bought their physical trading cards, and found they have a neat physical tethering feature to a digital token. But as far as gameplay goes, I’m yet to find out more, so let’s get into it.

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Ok so Curran has generously offered to giveaway 5 random Ether Legends trading cards from the men and beasts set. These will be collectors items for sure in years to come, and after reading this article you’ll find the usage cool too! All you have to do is follow us writers (Meltelbrot & Egamers) plus Ether Legends, and post your ENJ/ETH collectibles address in the replies of the Meltelbrot article feed. As always, winners are randomly picked and will be announced after a week(ish) on the Meltelbrot twitter.

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Curran – Ether Legends Co-Founder.

Thanks for chatting today Curran, always a pleasure to find out what such creatives are up to! Before we get into your game, I always like to ask  – what’s your background in gaming and/or gaming development?

First and foremost, I want to thank all the supporters who have helped us get the word out and sacrificed their time for the cause of bringing Ether Legends to market! I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to tell the world about the Ether Legends project.

By trade, I have spent a majority of my career in project management and business development, with a focus on program execution including profit and loss.

Regarding gaming, I have a technical background and have always enjoyed playing games! When I say “playing games,” I am talking obsessive competitive craziness of course… I have been involved with a multitude of software development projects including some with gaming elements and gaming mechanics.

My passion for gaming and blockchain has brought me to a crossroads to take this project on with a great team by my side. When you are a gamer, you pay close attention to the things you like and dislike. Part of this attention to detail has helped the team set goals and to better relate to what players want out of a game. 

I’ve noticed that’s a common theme, where developers (who play) are creating games they’d like to see and play. Makes sense! Now Ether Legends is a card game, and there’s been previous discussion about what people can reveal when discussing what’s on the cards. What can you tell us about the game play of Ether Legends? Is it fully conceptualised and ready to play out?

Our gameplay motto of Ether Legends has been, “Minutes to Learn, a Lifetime to Master,” based on the simplistic nature of the game mechanics. There are multiple levels of depth however, at its most basic level, kids and adults of any age will be able to play the game either in physical or digital form. 

Gameplay starts with you choosing the 3 best suited champions (characters trading cards) for a player versus player battle against your opponent’s 3 champions in the Ether Legends Arena. Each character has a weighted value representing base abilities of either Attack, Defense, Heal or Disrupt. In addition, there is a heart that represents a character’s hit point value. On the card you will find little gold coins (Elementeum) that represent a character’s power up capacity which are an integral part of the game.

To get started, roll the die to determine who starts the engagement. Choose the champion you want to employ your base ability, Attack or Heal.

Your opponent will have the chance to Defend the attack or Disrupt the heal in this turn-based, RPG arena style gameplay.

The effectivity of the employed abilities are based on attributes of each card in play and are combined with a roll of the game die in determining the total value of hit, defend, heal or disrupt. Effectivity of abilities are validated by the difference between the offensive and defensive countermeasures. For each effective ability, a player will gain Elementeum that incrementally powers up their character for use of special ability mechanics. 

The team has been developing the game mechanics for over two years. We have had community participation in fleshing out the details during our early development phase. The game design and concepts have been complete for quite some time.

The next step is to clean up some of the documentation and release the game first to the physical trading card game market while the digital game is being developed, slated to be released later this year. 

Not a problem, it’s good to see the depth in thought behind it all! Can you give us a quick run through of what a card gamer can expect when playing?

Players can expect a fun, challenging, fast-paced, engaging environment that is primarily based on choice which facilitates a dynamic gaming experience. For the digital game, players will be able to do much more than what is available for the physical game.

Players can expect to earn in-game rewards (loot drops), level dynamically, earn experience and obtain cards all through a mobile device app, available on both iOS and Android.

So your team already has a mobile app out?

At the moment it’s just for Android. You can download it here.

Cover art

It will be out for IOS later (probably the fall) and please note this is in beta – collectibles only just to be clear 🙂 You can buy cards from smart contract and collect. Update to this will be out in a couple weeks, and addresses a few bugs.

Still it’s good to see where you’re heading! A lot to do with any project’s success is the team behind it, can you tell us a bit more about your team and the skills behind the ideas?

Our team size is relatively small, each having key strengths in specialized areas to help ensure project success. We have roughly 10 people working on the project in various capacities, with a variety of skillsets. We have a project manager, several software developers, a marketing manager, an art director, branding manager and then, there’s me!

The ideas formed have truly been a collaborative effort derived from experiences in gaming and focused on the user experience from a player perspective. Hands down, we have some of the most talented and innovative people working this project. 

Physical Merchandise too – even coffee mugs!

Sounds like plenty of hands on deck for your project’s success. Your team is using ERC721 currently and your platform has its own token; Elementeum, but having recently announced Enjin integration via ERC-1155, how does the interoperability of the two work for your carding ecosystem?

The Ether Legends interoperability of ERC721 and ERC1155 tokens is being accomplished through facilitation by smart contracts that allow operation and presentation of data that appear seamless to the player.

Aside from the known benefits of blockchain, I look at it as a giant database to pull pre-seeded data and functions to construct assemblance of visualization for an ultimate gaming experience. Our team writes smart contracts that facilitate crafting mechanics, circular-adaptable micro-economies, loot tables with different drop rate and rarities, physical to digital QR code redemption, and the merging of digital assets that enable players to create their own Ether Legends unique NFT’s.  

Image result for ether legends

Elementeum is our in-game ERC20 token that enables players to perform special functions in Ether Legends and obtain collectibles as seen on

One of these special features is called ‘forging’ which in some instances will take either ERC1155 and/or ERC721 item tokens and combine them into a new digital crypto-collectible. This includes any token from the Enjin Multiverse as well. For example, one of our informally announced forging functions involves MvB’s Shield of Loreck, fusing it to an Ether Legends character, showing updated stats and visualization of the two assets combined.

Ultimately, we are building this game around our token to reward players with access to special features and create within the Ether Legends game and ecosystem. 

Dali – Full of character!

I got to say your artist is awesome!! I really dig the artistry of the cards, in my mind it’s like Dali meets Tolkien, but that’s just me. Can you tell us more about your artist? And his inspiration behind the work?

Our Art Director and Cofounder, Mark Ludy is an amazing artist and truly an amazing guy. Mark is an internationally acclaimed illustrator, author and speaker. Outside of art, Mark spends a lot of his time volunteering at schools, making real-world impacts on our youth. 

Mark and I had worked a project together about 15 years ago and obviously his amazing artistry was forever burned into my mind! We continued to stay in touch over the years and discussed the possibility of taking his artwork somewhere it hadn’t been. We touted the idea for years and with the release of Ethereum, it really met all the conditions we were looking for in taking this project on. Mark’s inspiration is the passion of connection through his characters, story and artwork.  

Coming from good place then. That’s nice 🙂 As you know I bought some physical cards due to the artwork, and it’s quite cool how there’s a scratch panel that reveals your way to receive the digital token tethered to it. Personally I love scratch and reveals ha – Can you tell us about that physical function?

It was very important early on to target both the physical and digital aspects of a trading card game. In differing opinions, we realized that there was nearly an even split of players that preferred gameplay a collection of physical cards and those who preferred digital cards.

We have devised a method for synonymous ownership in either form, while scratching the itch for all gamers, players and collectors. The anti-tamper QR code located on the back of the card enables one-time redemption, making it a unique digital trading card token utilizing blockchain technology.

The beauty is that through the means of one physical card, you can own it physically, digitally and use the same asset in the Ether Legends game. It is complete and total asset ownership on multiple levels. The million dollar question is then, “Will you scratch the QR and redeem it?”

To scratch or not to scratch…

Will there be more physical cards in the future?

Yes, our first trading card set currently deployed digitally on the Ethereum Network, “Men and Beasts”, will be put into physical card production following our physical card game Kickstarter later this summer. Other cards will also continue to be produced physically and released incrementally as limited or special collaborative cards.

Currently you’ve got a campaign going for Vitalik to sign the commemorative card you created in his honour, I must admit I’ve asked someone who might be able to – got to try 😉 but has anyone gotten close yet?

I thought it would be fun to give it a try, throw in a small reward and see if the community could get his attention. People have tried, but I believe unsuccessful at this point. I realize it was a long shot… wanted to honor the man, ‘the mythical’ ethereal wizard himself, with a tribute to what he has created. 

Back to the game, what’s your favourite card for artwork and for function?

That is such a difficult question because each card is such a masterpiece! If I had to pick one, it would be ‘Skulk’ The Obscural Obfuscate. The attention to detail is amazing. 

For function, I prefer either one of the tribute cards, Buterin or Baumgarnder Dragon. They basically have increased haste in gameplay to unleash their power up special ability more frequently with a 2 Elementeum cap compared to the 3, 4 and 5 Elementeum for most of the other character cards. 

I know you guys are super excited for the impending Enjin mainnet release! What can we expect from your team in regards to your in-game reward items and forging mechanics?

As mentioned before, efficiency is key and so is working with a platform that has tools to help integrate blockchain tech right into your game for a robust rewards system. To start, we plan to incorporate an 1155 Fungible Token (FT) to capture experience earned by playing matches. This FT is used to level a character dynamically at a player’s discretion, at any time.

Additionally, ERC1155 items will drop from matches that can be forged to characters, increasing their attributes and creating a unique NFT through an Ether Legends function called ‘Forging.’ 

Forging is a whole animal of its own, enabling a player to merge ERC1155 and ERC721 assets into a new unique NFT. Ether Legends is starting out with over 100 possibilities to create a unique NFT that will have modified stats and updated visualization, all playable in the digital game. Players will be able to obtain items, combine item to item, then from item to character, creating new, powerful NFT’s along the way.

Your team has been pretty active in collaborating with Cyrptonom, which is great to see as I’ve followed them for a while and nice to see such cool progress. Can we expect cross game function between your two platforms?

Ether Legends and Cryptonom created a limited edition collaboration card using one of Cryptonom’s characters; Forost, and one of Ether Legends characters; Dirk – rolled into a legendary card.

We are continuing the collaboration with Cryptonom and are working up some ideas with our 5 MFT’s which are set to release in less than a month, which offer insane, well-defined benefits for our early supporters.

On the talk of supporters, I noticed Beatminer has also been a big supporter, as others may have seen him also, shaking it like his Idle Miner 😉 What’s it like to have such passionate members?

Yes @thebeatminer has been a great advocate for helping the community in spreading awareness. He kept making meme’s of Dirk (one of our forefront characters), like “Dirk for President” and “don’t be a Dirk”

The team thought we could give back in a small way, making him a one of a kind T-Shirt with the Dirk meme and pretty sure he hasn’t taken it off or washed it yet.

Sounds like the shirt could be a little…”Dirky” then ha! Ok ok – back to the game then and what’s about to be released – you recently published an article with details on the MFT’s and their massive sale, can you share what you have installed for the MFT’s?

You can find out more on our 5 MFT’s in this link – but I can give a basic rundown for you.

In regards to the MFT’s, our plan is to sell a majority of them to raise money to continue development of course. A limited amount will be given away. We will cap these in minting, around 300 each, and those that don’t sell, we will “melt” 🙂

As the MFT Sale starts tomorrow, I’ll share some of the amulet face value metrics, just so folks understand what is going to be the benefit and value proposition of the amulets. Please keep in mind, this is not something that will be implemented immediately as there is a lot of work to do ahead of the amulets and the intent is to reward early adopters in the long haul.

So to give some context and perspective on an annual value basis, read over the following initial benefits and value proposition (we have even discussed more benefits with forging as well but have to make sure it’s possible before releasing all of the data):

Amulet of Fire on average will provide a player 121 gems annually of any rarity. At face value, this is roughly 0.75 cents x 121 = $91 based on claiming an item associated with the cooldown of one gem every 3 days. (Based on ea. Item value of .0025 ETH)

Amulet of Earth on average will provide a player 91 items annually of any rarity. At face value, this is roughly $1.50 x 91 = $137 based on claiming an item associated with the cooldown of one item every 4 days. (Based on each item value of .005 ETH)

Amulet of Water on average will provide a player 73 items annually of any rarity. At face value, this is roughly 2.25 x 73 = $164 based on claiming an item associated with the cooldown of one item every 4 days. (Based on each item value of .0075 ETH)

Amulet of Air on average will provide a player 60 companions annually of any rarity. At face value, this is roughly 3.00 x 60 = $180 based on claiming an item associated with the cooldown of one item every 5 days. (Based on each item value of .01 ETH)

Amulet of Elementeum is capable of providing up to 121 character cards annually of any rarity. At face value, this is roughly 3.00 x 121 = $363 based on claiming an item associated with the cooldown of one item every 3 days when holding maximum Elementeum. This is the best case, so keep in mind this one will be scalable.
(Based on each item value of .01 ETH)

This is rated on an annual basis and in the current value of Ethereum (and our current price points for loot) but understand this will include any new items or characters added to the sets as we progress. Additionally, this is for as long as you hold the amulets. Could be for life! Blockchain is permanent.

This also does not account for rarity as the drops are random, so you of course have a chance at any rarity for any item, increasing the value based on scarcity.

I think you will find the price points to be very discounted for the weighted benefit. Price point as of now are between $15-$30 with the exception of the amulet of Elementeum, being the most valuable. Each amulet will have a different price point and will be released at a certain time – for example, The amulet of Fire will be released first for ‘x’ amounts of days, followed by the next, and the next.

This truly gives players the power and opportunity in the creation of Ether Legends assets and gives a player (more specifically an early adopter) participation and stake in the Ether Legends ecosystem. It will by inherent nature give those who adopt now an edge and benefit to help grow the ecosystem exponentially.

I’m sharing to give folks an idea on how we are structuring this and to fully understand the value. Any and all funding is of course to help put towards additional development that has not already been paid for. Consider this the most valuable benefit to those in the early adoption of our project.

Wow that’s great to know, and I can see your P&L experience at play, I’m a simple man though, so I’ll just buy them all;) All in or nothing eh;) What’s impressed me so far, is the depth of your project, it must be garnering some attention, have you got any more collaborations on the go?

Our Silica nexus partnership was new since we talked. Also, we just got on Bancor, and Enjin helped us integrate Elementeum into their trade pool wallet function for “exchange”. So you can swap Elementeum coin with any other crypto, including Enjin! woot!

That’s cool as! Well done as liquidity is important! I’ve actually noticed the name Silica Nexus pop up more regularly of late. egamers has a working relationship with them, and I can’t help but notice their logo is similar to EnjinX. What is it about Silica Nexus that’s got others excited?

Ether Legends and Silica Nexus partnership is the opportunity to help bridge the gap of the intricacies of Blockchain and gaming through seamless interoperability.

The fact that physical kiosks will be introduced to the market in a user friendly format, means one step closer to mainstream and wide-spread usage. I believe the Nexus and featured gaming assets (like Ether Legends TCG) will further the understanding of player benefits using Blockchain tech, while enabling crypto-gaming companies a way to acquire new players.

Through an easy to use interface, players will have a more clear understanding of the true value in ownership of digital assets, giving the power back to the player!

Basically, Nexus will have physical kiosks in places like Dave and Busters or large arcades – and they will be offering our assets in their physical kiosks – new markets and opportunity for player acquisition.

So instead of paper tickets for that cheap toy, kids and adults will be able to obtain cryptocollectibles with their ‘droids’.

I’m all for getting rid of plastic and crap! What a neat idea, I was actually thinking about it recently when cruising around DisneyLand. Lot’s of cheap toys;) There’s so many new avenues being created by the Enjin multiverse and blockchain gaming in general, it really is an ever expanding weave of creativity and collaboration, and sometimes all one needs is a spark. Mmmmm segway ha – are you guys in the position to apply for the Enjin Spark program? You certainly are the right calibre in my mind.

We have discussed the option and have expressed interest to do so. We are not far from our digital game demo, which is one of the last things required and will re-engage as soon as able. 

After starting these q’s I didn’t realise how much there is to know! Though I don’t want to keep you too long, is there anything else you’d like to share with the readership?

I want to thank you again for taking the time to hear about the Ether Legends project

Ok so one final post script Q – are the MFT’s in the sales going to be NFT or FT?

The Kovan were FT, we have to make them NFT’s – and will be NFT.

Cheers. It’s been an absolute pleasure Curran, it’s always nice to hear from peeps who know what they want to achieve and have the ability to get there. I always remember the line said to me once ‘If you aim for nothing, then that’s what you’ll hit!” I think you’ve got the bullseye lined up;) Plus I could tell the attention to detail and care when I received the cards I purchased. Makes a difference! Thank you and best of luck:)

Carefully and securely packaged!!

Also this interview would not have taken place without the help of Crypto_Clever too, so thanks a lot for your direction!!! It’s a great community! So here’s the pasted list of info and relevant links Crypto_Clever passed on to help others get up to speed. Thanks all!

Don’t forget – THE MFT SALE STARTS TOMORROWagain more details can be found here. BASIC TIMES AS FOLLOWS:

Amulet sale start times will be staggered and only available for a limited duration. 

Start date: August 8th 06:00 (6AM) Mountain Standard Time

Amulet of Elementeum: August 8th — September 7th (30 days)
Amulet of Fire: August 8th — August 10th (3 days)
Amulet of Earth: August 11th — August 14th (4 days)
Amulet of Water: August 15th — August 19th (5 days)
Amulet of Air: August 20th — August 25th (6 days)

Courtesy of Crypto_Clever – should you want to find out even more, here is all the relevant information you would want to know about the project up to this point 🙂

Elementeum Games is behind the Ether Legends Trading Card Game, which aims to merge physical and blockchain trading cards with engaging gameplay. ELET tokens are used to create NFT’s (ERC721) crypto-collectibles and gaming platform currency.

Gameplay Overview:

St. Jude Children’s Hostpial donation going on until July 15th 11:59PM MTN. All Donations (min: .001) receive 100 ELET per wallet address. Highest 3 cummulative donations byt the cut-off GET LEGENDARY – TOKEN 0 Ether Legends Trading cards. ADditionally, Elementeum Games will match the donation up to 2 ETH. Nothing to lose and only helping those in need! Thanks!
Donation Address: 0x5E81E58DEDdbA4BC2Ab5213ba30E5ad75bE42467

ELET added to Buy/Sell EL collectibles on

Partnership with Silica Nexus TBA

Cryptonom / Ether Legends Collab card available now! Only 50 will ever be made (with a surprise in a few weeks)

Release of the Ether Legends App June 2019

Weekly Featured Card – Released and updated every Friday!

(TO OBTAIN CARDS from the Men and Beasts set) send EXACTLY .01 ETH to the contract address below and receive (1) ‘One’ random Ether Legends Men and Beasts ERC721 Crypto-collectible! Drop rates are based on rarity; Common (50%), Rare (25%), Epic (15%) and Legendary (5%). Download Trust Wallet, Enjin Wallet (DAPP EXPLORER), or view your assets on OpenSea (using MetaMask)
Men and Beast Contract Address: 0x880f820900363c01d103d4c46773216a1a65f5d1

Limited Release Tribute physical trading cards with scratch off QR redeemable to the Blockchain available now at (Released: June 7)

MFTs (Creator’s Tokens) – Amulets – Late July: TBA

Kickstarter: Summer 2019 (Limited Founders Edition Starter Kit and Signed Artwork Bonuses: Also QR redeemable collectors- super rare)

Limited amount of Elementeum available for purchase at discounted rate (Smart Contract being written): Summer 2019

Official Release of Physical Trading card game: Fall 2019

Forging game mechanic for Collectible interactions/forging/crafting: Fall 2019

Apple App: Fall/Winter 2019 – TBD

Ether Legends MFT 1155: mid-late summer 2019 (Moved up)

Official Release of Digital Trading card game: 2019/2020 (Enjin INTEGRATION – DEV ACCELERATED)

Ongoing release of crypto-collectibles, airdrops and app updates

Ongoing collab, Bancor, Changelly, Enjin, Loom discussions – exploring more exchanges.

OpenSea: Ether Legends | OpenSea

Meltelbrot Links – Keep on point!

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