Meltelbrot #39 – Gecko Multiverse – A ‘gecko on the wall’ view of the Enjin Ecosystem.

Today I’m chatting with Gecko Multiverse, an Enjin community member and long time friend of the Multiverse Brotherhood, who has really taken time out to show what can be done in the Enjin Ecosystem. He took the courage to approach developers to implement his community items into their games, and showed what could be achieved by anyone with cooperation and enthusiasm. You’ve probably seen some of his fun videos showing how such items can work in games like, Forgotten Artifacts. I think it’s great to see what such active community members are up to, and find out what drives them to share their gaming experiences. Let’s get the down low from the gecko:)



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Thanks for accepting the invite to chat today Gecko, usually I’m interviewing people about their current project, so I’m not exactly sure what to ask in this case when it’s your hobby! Although I’m never short of a q 😉 But like I always start off with – what’s your background in gaming and / or gaming development?

Thanks man, it’s a pleasure to talk with you. My first video game was Prince of Persia on a 486 pc, but I belong to the generation that before owning a console or a pc, played at the arcade on Pacman, Double Dragon, Mutant Ninja Turtles and many racing car games.

Later the games I loved and played most were Doom, Quake, Unreal, Unreal Tournament, Skyrim, Read Dead Redemption and Assassins Creed.

Prince of Persia – Old skool!

Prince of Persia! That takes me back, I remember being impressed by the movements – smooth ledge climbing ha! You’ve been around for a while now from what I’ve seen. What got you into Enjin in the first place? and what excites you about it now?

The thing that fascinated me the most about Enjin was the relation with gaming and the fact that the team found one of the best possible ways to give true utility to Ethereum technology. Recently I was excited by the fact that Enjin erc-1155 became *an official Ethereum standard*. The idea that Enjin offers the most advanced way to manage fungible and non fungible assets in the Ethereum ecosystem is really great.

I think that today people are busy to fight with everyday problems and doesn’t have the ability to understand in advance what could happen in technology. I believe that the world will understand the full potential of Enjin when the underlying blockchain technology will be invisible to the final user.

When playing with a card game like Magic the Gathering they’ll see that a particular card they own will automatically appear in their Enjin wallet outside the game. They will be able to combine that card with other items to obtain a more powerful item and will be able to use that card even in other games, and will be able to trade it with other users, such as they did with traditional cards made of paper with their friends.

One thing I think is really cool, is that you’ve really thrown yourself behind what Enjin is about, and got involved in the multiverse on a personal level through your Gecko Multiverse items. What inspired you to go for it and try to create something unique for the community?

I believe that the true way to understand something is to try it, to discover it personally: this is what inspired me. The first idea was just to mint an erc-1155 item, then the possibility to make something playable has grown speaking with developers, first of all Cliff from Forgotten Artifacts. My goal was to realize something that the community would have loved and played with inside games and of which the developers would have had total advantage of. None of these items were sold but were directly given away or given away to help projects.

Out of interest, what are the current Gecko items that are out in the multiverse? And what’s their function in the different games?

There are three versions of it, the Mythical, the Legendary and the Epic. The main difference is the total supply (10,100,500). The idea is that they all have the same power, just a different appearance in some cases. Games that adopted or will adopt Geckos are: Forgotten Artifacts, AlterVerse, Dissolution, Nestables. In FA the Mythical skin is gold, the legendary white and the epic red.The red skin will be playable in FA when Enjin Mainnet will go live.

I think that this character belongs to the community so if other projects want to include it in their games and in the way they like, and without even asking me, they can do that. Gecko Multiverse is a character, I am a person, people come and go, ideas remain. I don’t want to leave Enjin community but I could in every moment, do you know what I mean? Now the character is in the Blockchain and will stay.

If you did leave the space it would be a little less cool! So I hope you don’t, but such is life and you’re right, the blockchain will outlive us all most likely 🙂 Did you create the items yourself? And what was it like collaborating with the developers?

In total transparency and trying to help other people that want to create something similar I’ll explain the exact process. I’ve started from a picture of a gecko taken from the site Unsplash. It was a real gecko. It was hard work because that Gecko was upon a trunk. Then I edited it many times until I was able to add the weapon and to make it appear as a cartoon. Then I minted the first one, as said the idea was just to do my own token. After that I started to talk with Cliff, the creator of Forgotten Artifacts. I asked him about the possibility of making the Gecko appear in the game as a playable character. It was just an attempt but he told me that if I provided him a complete 3d model in Unity with low poly and with full textures and rigs he would have included it inside the game.

Maybe it was just a way to make it almost impossible eheh… But I started to look in Fiverr platform for Unity designers and found someone. Fiverr is a platform were you can outsource these kind of works.

Here comes the difficult part man – the difficulty of coordinating a work in a context that you don’t know, and for game requirements that you don’t perfectly know. A big thanks to Cliff for the patience! I hope that the community can appreciate besides my economic effort, also the guiding realization of this character for Forgotten Artifacts. I think that the final result is appreciated by the community and I am happy. I love to see videos of people using it.

In the case of AlterVerse and Nestables they did the creative work.

There’s a Gecko sticker set too for telegram yeah? Are they hard to create?

Etay, a community friend, created the sticker and asked me for permission to include it in the MvB sticker set. My answer was absolutely yes!

I’ve seen you play a lot of Forgotten Artifacts, how many hours do you reckon you’ve played so far? What is it that keeps bringing you back?

Really a lot of hours, it’s hard to say how many, maybe in the first month or so an average of 5 hours daily, then less. But I been playing FA since for 4 months (I think) and still today I play it. The good thing about FA is that while we play alpha we see patches by Cliff and little by little we see how the final version will look. In the last version he added many interesting things, such as percentage of items usage and potions on map.

What game are you looking forward to the most that’s yet to come out?

I am looking forward to AlterVerse, Age of Rust and Dissolution due to their awesome gameplay. But the game I am waiting more is for sure, War of Crypta. It’s a mobile strategy game, something like a multiplayer Pokemon fight, I’ve followed it for ages, and the developments of it, and I believe it will be huge.

WoC is the perfect example of a game that can bring the gaming and Enjin worlds closer. And I believe it will. I cannot talk to founders as I did in the past, because they’ve decided to fully dedicate themselves on developments. They have chosen to take a break from the Telegram community but the stakes are high and time will tell if they are right.

I’ve enjoyed seeing your videos on twitter where you’re showing the usage of items in gameplay. I reckon they look quite professional! Is there other places we can see you play? Do you stream?

Thanks man but I’m not a professional in this world, I’ve discovered that you can record videos on windows with the Xbox app, and then applied some effects with iMovie. I like Twitter and to publish contents there.

I’m sure being a part of the MvB provides a lot of support for you personally. What does it mean to you, to be a part of such an engaged and proactive guild?

The best way to define me is friend of MvB more than an MvB member. I am a free spirit and this is the best way I can define me in the community, a friend of them. They are great and I think we help each other: to give you an example, the Gecko integration inside AlterVerse, Dissolution and Nestables is for sure thanks to my MvB friends and their strong ability to do relations with people in Enjin space.

I proposed to them to put Gecko items inside MvB platform and they kindly accepted. For me those items are even a tribute to them, indeed they all have an MvB logo upon. Even inside the FA character designed in Unity there is the MvB logo.

After chatting with Fox, from Foxden Studios, it was cool to hear about where the ‘Fox’ originated from. Only knowing you as Gecko, likewise I’d love to know the symbolism behind the Gecko?

I often used Jack or variations as username in the past when I played videogames, in this case I wanted to think of a name that would have adapted well to the Enjin Multiverse. Gecko is similar to Jack as name, and is an animal that gives me the idea of adapting well to different climates. Furthermore the geckos can easily climb on any surface and I imagine it to work well in many video games as a concept, from superheroes to silent assassins in the Assassins Creed or Hitman game styles.

The funny thing is after a few days that I’d chosen this nickname on Telegram, Enjin and Coin Gecko announced their partnership, and for me it was like losing my originality. Coin Gecko had launched before me their token (the red Gecko). Since that moment I’ve understood that I’m ok with anyone in the future that would like to use a Gecko or want to create a new one of it. Even if I would like to see in the community someone who thinks about new animals, they think about ideas like this, there are so many possibilities with a little imagination 🙂

We all know there’s been heaps of ups and downs in the rollercoaster of crypto, but I feel Enjin has provided much more to the community than many others. What were the highs and lows for yourself in this overall crypto space so far?

Maybe here I’ll be unpopular, but in fact about lows there’s something that bothers me so much in the world somehow related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. It is full of people who attach themselves to the few more creative people like leeches. The day that the Enjin community will be able to overcome this it will be a better realm.

On the other side, this is why I love the Enjin community and I love the work did by my MvB friends, it’s probably the community where the percentage of the creative and proactive people is higher, including game developers and passionate people.

I wanna add only a thing to the readers of this article: rather than asking everyday for an update to the Enjin team, please find a way to give your own contribution to the space. Everyone has a skill that can help. This is the true way to help.

Well said and couldn’t agree more! On the subject of updates, with the Enjin Marketplace just having come out, have you used it yet? and what’s your first thoughts?

Yes I’ve used it and it is an exceptional platform. Now people can exchange their digital items safely. And it’s like having a consultant that do the work for you. You just publish something and wait, doing other things in the meanwhile.

Another milestone by Enjin wrote in the history of technology.

Definitely a massive step up! I like the little things, like seeing an easy buy button or market value on the tokens like for say the Epic Geckon Skins in this article’s associated giveaway. Kind of cool! Looking ahead, what’s in the stars for the Gecko? Is there any more cool community stuff in the works?

For sure the most important part in the coming weeks is how Gecko will look in Dissolution, but it will require time, now they are focusing on other really more important things.

From the AlterVerse image you sent me (above), I bet the Dissolution skin will look sweet too! Is there anything else you’d like to share with the readers today about your Enjin experience so far?

Thanks man, thanks to your audience and for your work inside Enjin space, I really appreciate it.

I just wanna remind everyone of projects like Tradesmith, the Monolith quest and Enjincraft, sometimes we all tend to underestimate things until news comes, but remember that there will be something about these projects which will probably excite us a lot at some point in the future.

Plenty to be excited about I reckon! Thanks for taking the time to chat Gecko and I look forward to seeing the gecko being played in the future games for years to come 🙂 I’m sure we will see it popping up in more and more places! I hope this article provides some inspiration for others wanting to get involved and have some fun in the Enjin community. I think we can all take some inspiration from the Albert Einstein quote Gecko used for his epic skin – “I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” ENJoy 🙂

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