Moonshot Voyage is The Newest Enjin Game

Moonshot Voyage

Enjin, the leading NFT and gaming platform, announced yesterday the addition of its newest Adopter Program, Moonshot Voyage, a free-to-play, top-down shooter game with play-to-earn mechanics.

Powered by one of the first meme token projects, SafeMoon Inu, Moonshot Voyage will use the native SMI token combined with Enjin-based NFTs such as weapons, characters, and other items. 

Moonshot Voyage is the first game to become available on the SMI Play, a platform developed by SafeMoon Inu, dedicated to rewarding players with cryptocurrency and NFTs.

The game is expected to launch a closed Alpha testing on November 6-7, 2021, and players can sign-up to participate using this formEarly access is scheduled for early 2022.

By utilizing Enjin’s JumpNet blockchain, Moonshot Voyage will benefit from zero-fee NFT minting and transactions while benefiting from the broader product ecosystem, including SDKs, a Wallet Daemon, the Enjin Marketplace, and much more.

Enjin provides all the right tools for an NFT-based game.

We instantly knew it’s going to be the best choice for our project.

Leonyon, Lead Developer of Moonshot Voyage

What kind of game is Moonshot Voyage?

Moonshot Voyage is a free-to-play & play-to-earn, Top-Down shooter game with low-poly graphics. It seems from the trailer that it has unique aesthetics, and players take the role of bounty hunters to embark on intergalactic voyages while fighting against aliens and other creatures.

Players can earn various in-game assets, from weapons to skins in the form of NFTs. While some NFTs can be acquired from the marketplace and others through gaming, they all hold value and can be either exchanged to clear challenging levels, or sold to other players.

From what we know so far, SMI token holders will receive rare assets are rewards in the form of an airdrop. Additionaly, there will be daily Raids with NFT rewards for each player. 

As always, using Enjin’s ERC-1155 token standard, all NFTs will come with a minimum guaranteed value locked in the form of ENJ Tokens.

Finally, the goal of the game is to locate the legendary spaceship called “Moonshot.”

A demo of Moonshot Voyage can be found here.

To stay up to date on Moonshot Voyage’s progress, you can join its community on TwitterTelegram, and Discord.