My Defi Pet Yield Farming With BecoSwap

MyDefiPet Becoswap

My Defi Pet has announced a strategic partnership with BecoSwap to enable its players on KardiaChain Network to earn through yield farming and access the non-fungible tokens (NFTs) marketplace.

With a recent update, My Defi Pet players can now breed their pets in the game. Each newly born pet is minted as an NFT on the blockchain with inherited qualities from their father or mother, or they can have their own set of unique features and qualities.

The partnership with BecoSwap will allow My Defi Pet players to trade or sell their pet NFTs using the BecoSwap NFT marketplace. This is an uplifting development for the game as pet owners will earn by selling their pets, and players will get an opportunity to get rare pets that can not be found easily from eggs bought using DPET tokens.

The DPET token is the native currency of My Defi Pet. It exists on the Binance Smart Chain, KardiaChain, and in the future, it will be integrated on Ethereum and Polkadot.

Currently, DPET tokens are only used for evolving and breeding pets and also for buying new eggs. BecoSwap will enhance the DPET token’s utility by providing farming pools for KardiaChain DPET and KAI-DPET LP tokens. Anyone would be able to invest in DPET tokens to earn BECO tokens on BecoSwap.

BECO tokens would be used for many things like participating in Initial Farm Offering of new projects on BecoSwap, lotteries, auto-compounding pools on SleepEarn, etc. But for My Defi Pet players, the best thing about BECO tokens is that they could be used to buy new pets listed on the BecoSwap marketplace.

My Defi Pet is ready for another update very soon as new upgrades are underway for the last couple of days. 

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