Myria Launches Node Referral Program

Myria Launches Node Referral Program

Myria, the rapidly expanding Web3 gaming platform, recently unveiled its Node Referral Program, set to spur growth and reward node operators with MYRIA tokens. In just one year, the ecosystem has bloomed, boasting 270 gaming projects, over 11 million wallets on Myria’s Layer 2, and a half-million-strong community. The MYRIA token’s introduction and activation of Myria Nodes have been key drivers of this impressive growth.

A Boost for Node Operators

Myria’s Node Referral Program is designed to acknowledge and amplify the vital role that node operators play in network security and stability. The initiative incentivizes node owners to invite their friends to join the network, rewarding them with extra MYRIA tokens whenever their referrals purchase a Myria Node License.

Myria remains committed to its vision of a decentralized gaming ecosystem that rewards all its participants. The platform empowers developers with a streamlined method to create and roll out Web3 projects, while gamers get to relish in a plethora of games and a secure gaming environment.

Participation Guidelines

To participate in the Node Referral Program, Myria Node License owners need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Access the Myria Node dashboard.
  2. Copy the unique referral code.
  3. Share the code with friends.
  4. Ensure the referral uses the code to register, deposit MYRIA, and purchase a Myria Node License.

Referral bonuses can be monitored through the Myria Node dashboard. Once a referral purchases a Node License, the referrer qualifies for additional MYRIA rewards. The exact amount of MYRIA tokens rewarded depends on the Referral Points earned.

Reward Distribution and MYRIA Utility

MYRIA tokens are distributed daily to node owners supporting the Myria network, with a total of 36% of the MYRIA max supply allocated for node emissions. Node operators must run their nodes for a minimum of 6 hours per day to be eligible for these rewards.

The MYRIA token has wide-ranging applications, including paying protocol fees, purchasing Myria Nodes, and exclusive NFT collections. As governance and staking are on the horizon, the utility of MYRIA is set to expand even more, bringing additional value to holders.

With the launch of the Node Referral Program, Myria extends its commitment to a thriving, blockchain-powered gaming ecosystem. It invites all existing node owners to seize this opportunity by referring friends to join the Myria network and enjoy the perks of being part of the ecosystem.