OneRare Foodverse To Hit The Polygon Mainnet On September 7


After successfully running two testnets and Audits by Certik, OneRare Foodverse will now be hitting the Polygon mainnet on September 7. 

OneRare has been keeping its team busy with this project for a while now. While the market has been turbulent, they have been working continuously on creating a gamified Foodverse. Now, the NFT gaming layer is all to set to hit the mainnet.

After the game is live, the gamers will be able to stake $ORARE. This will allow them to farm ingredient NFTs via 6 Thematic Staking Pools. They will also be able to cook different recipes as they combine different “ingredient NFTs to mind NFTs on a linear scale.”

Another feature of the Foodverse is that gamers can trade their in-game assets with each other, thanks to the Farmer’s Market. According to OneRare, the main attraction of the Foodverse is the OneRare Dishes. They have utility in both the real and virtual worlds.

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OneRare emphasizes minting your favorite dishes from around the world and encouraging you to cultivate ingredients with your tokens at launch. As of yet, the project has partnered up with more than 100 companies as they plan a number of releases, such as Virtual Food Experience and Foodtruck Wars.

About OneRare

OneRare is the World’s first Food Metaverse, aka, Foodverse. They are creating the first-ever Virtual World for the global Food & Beverage Industry that celebrates Food in Web3. With an immersive gaming experience, virtual restaurants, chef experiences, and more, OneRare is all set to lead Food into the next era. Let’s foodify the blockchain!