P2E Game Synergy of Serra Announces The Crate Unlocking Event

Unlocked crates can be opened on November 20th

Synergy of Serra, a F2P, P2E strategy game created and published by Calystral, has announced the launch date of their crate unlocking event on November 6th.

Calystral announced the transcendent set crate unlocking event via its Medium account, thanking everyone for the patience and support they gave to the project.

In addition to the event start, Synergy of Serra released a video trailer showcasing the new event.

Synergy of Serra is a deckbuilding P2E trading card game on Polygon. It shapes a new game genre, merging classic strategy card games with the infinite game experience possibilities of deck builder card games.

If you want to learn more information about the crate unlocking event of Synergy of Serra, you can visit their Medium.