Pandemic Games Join The Enjin Ecosystem

Pandemic Games

A known project in the blockchain gaming space, Tron Game Center, recently rebranded to Pandemic Games after leaving the TRON network and moving to Enjin’s Jumpnet, a gas-free and eco-friendly blockchain powered by the Enjin ecosystem.

The migration was a no-brainer choice as Pandemic games have a series of mobile and PC games under its umbrella and the ERC-1155 token standard is the wisest choice to use.

By using ERC-1155, a better and more efficient standard than ERC-721, Pandemic games is in place to use the same in-game assets in multiple games, reaping the benefits of the gaming Multiverse.

For instance, owning one in-game asset from the Pandemic shooter, you could use that exact NFT in other multiple games offered by Pandemic and not only!

Right now, the company is working on two games, the Pandemic Shooter and the Pandemic Space Combat. These games will work across the Ethereum network, including Polkadot, Jumpnet, and the upcoming robust para-chain, Efinity.

Tokenization of in-game assets is an innovative way for game developers to hand complete ownership to the players.

Pandemic Games
Pandemic Games Join The Enjin Ecosystem 29

“We chose to move to Enjin because it has more of a gaming focus, where Tron is more populated with casinos,” said Andreas Hennersdorf, CEO of Pandemic Multiverse. “The usability of Enjin’s API is tremendous. We managed to completely integrate JumpNet before we even had time to reach out to the team.”

Pandemic Shotter will become available on PC initially with six game modes, Capture the Flag, demolition cover point, gun race, deathmatch, and free for all. Players will be able to earn ENJ by completing weekly challenges.

In addition, JumpNet is a carbon-negative sidechain, meaning that NFTs on JumpNet are also eco-friendly.

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